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Contested Boundaries

Contested Boundaries aims to map the space between A Mercy, Toni Morrison’s ninth and arguably most enigmatic novel, and the fiction comprising the author’s multiple-text canon. The volume accomplishes this through the inclusion of eight original essays representing a range of critical approaches that trouble narrative boundaries d...

Contest(ed) Writing

This collection is about writing contests, a vibrant rhetorical practice traceable to rhetorical performances in ancient Greece. In their discussion of contests’ cultural work, the scholars who have contributed to this collection uncover important questions about our practices. For example, educational contests as epideictic rhetor...

Critical Cultural Awareness

In a rapidly globalizing world, one of the most challenging barriers to be overcome is the stereotype. This book aims to promote understanding of the nature of stereotypes, and to suggest ways in which teachers can manage them by developing critical cultural awareness as an intrinsic part of the intercultural communicative competen...

Cross-Curricular Dimensions of Language Learning and Teaching

This volume discusses a variety of aspects of cross-curricularity in language learning and teaching. It highlights the multidimensional character of language classes conducted at different educational levels, from pre-school to the university level, and discusses several important issues from a theoretical perspective, providing ce...

Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to the English Language

Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to the English Language: Theory and Practice provides an overview of a less tackled field of research, namely the main issues at stake when teaching English Language and Culture in Romania. The approach is an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural one, as the authors investigate problems, offering and pr...

Current Issues in English Language Teaching and Learning

This volume contains a selection of the papers, seminars and workshops presented in the First International Conference on English Language Teaching and Learning (ICELTL1), held at the University of Santiago, Spain, in September 2008, as well as a number of valuable original contributions by other specialists who were involved in th...

Curriculum Development for Legal English Programs

This book provides a systematic introduction to the issues involved in designing and implementing courses of English for Legal Purposes. Each chapter highlights a different aspect of the curriculum development process, including syllabus design, taking into account the special role of needs analysis, materials development, and the ...

Dalit Women and Dropout Rates in Collegiate Education

Caste is an inescapable aspect in terms of education in the Indian state, as it is in many other aspects of public life. Education standards have changed throughout the course of Indian history, but the subjugated Dalits, and particularly female children belonging to this caste, still face the hurdles of caste discrimination in soc...

Decolonization and the Other

In 1962 Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago became independent countries; Barbados followed in 1966. In the years leading up to these events, the history of the British West Indies was written largely by the British, the colonial power, who focused on the process of decolonization and the key local players involved. After independence...

Digital Genres, New Literacies and Autonomy in Language Learning

The exponential growth in the amount and complexity of information transmitted and shared on the Internet and the capabilities afforded by new information technologies result in the continuous emergence of new genres and new literacy practices that call for new models of genre analysis and new approaches to teaching literacy and la...

Discourse in Dialogue

Discourse in Dialogue: Reflections in Fundamental Philosophical Theology is a project which considers fundamental theological and philosophical perspectives in Catholic-Christian theology. This project adumbrates a number of specifically intellectual themes, namely philosophical and theological in character, which pertain to the Ca...

Diversity and Change in Early Canadian Women’s Writing

Diversity and Change in Early Canadian Women’s Writing is a collection of nine essays, thematically arranged, dedicated to the works of women writing between 1828 and 1914. It is for all those readers who were certain that there had to be diverse, interesting, socially relevant voices in early Canadian women’s writing. It is, equa...
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