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Dominant Culture and the Education of Women

Women’s access to education over the centuries has been determined by many factors, including class, race, religion, and nationality. Although women’s experiences are marked by a rich diversity, women are in many ways united by their struggle to gain access to education. While previous essay collections that study this topic have...

“Don’t Disturb my Masterpiece!”

This book explores a philosophy of learning inspired by humanistic ideals. It reflects on the transformative possibilities opened up by active engagement with experiential domains. It draws attention to epoch-making transformations in the history of Western civilization that have exposed the dynamic relation between conscience, emo...

Early Childhood Programs as the Doorway to Social Cohesion

Over the past decade, early childhood education and care has moved onto the policy agenda in many countries. There is growing recognition that early access to quality education and appropriate care provides young children with a good and fair start in life. While scientific research constantly brings new insights into brain develop...

Earthly Honest Things

Earthly Honest Things brings together the complete shorter writings of a leading international authority on William Langland. Of A. V. C. Schmidt’s recent two-volume Piers Plowman: A Parallel Text Edition, Derek Pearsall has said in Speculum that ‘By any standards, it is a monumental achievement … resolute, patient, deeply learned ...

Education Landscapes in the 21st Century

With contributions from scholars and practitioners in the fields of education, literacy, literature, media, communication and cultural studies from all five continents, the present volume focuses on themes of pressing importance in today's globalized community. By giving voice to educators committed to excellence in teaching fro...

Effectiveness of School Leadership and Management Development in Cameroon

This book considers a number of key epistemological, ontological and methodological questions exploring the effectiveness of school leadership and management development training programmes for school leaders in a range of settings and for a range of people. Consideration is also given to practical concerns associated with this top...

Emerging Business Theories for Educators and Practitioners

We believe that this book provides an excellent starting point for students to gain a greater appreciation of the range of issues that managers contend with in the business world. Each individual chapter offers valuable insight into a particular topic, yet in the aggregate, the book serves as a compendium for many of the emerging b...

Engaging Imagination and Developing Creativity in Education

Imagination is the Source of Creativity and Invention This series of essays has been collected expressly to bring readers new ideas about imagination and creativity in education that will both stimulate discussion and debate and also contribute practical ideas for how to infuse our daily classrooms with imaginative activities. In a...

Engaging Religious Education

This book is the first to bring together a number of essays which deal directly with the crucial topic of ‘engagement’ in Religious Education. But it also breaks new ground by creating a dialogue with the world of ethics. Here readers will find fresh insights relevant to the 21st century. Contributors, all committed to excellence i...
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Engaging Tradition, Making It New

Engaging Tradition, Making It New offers a rich collection of fresh scholarly and pedagogical approaches to new African American literature. Organized around the theme of transgression, the collection focuses on those writers who challenge the reading habits and expectations of students and instructors, whether by engaging themes a...

English and Empowerment in the Developing World

This book is a collection of thought-provoking papers that investigate empowerment within the context of language, education, and technology. In the seventeen papers published in the book, local and international ELT practitioners and researchers have analysed their experiences within a range of socio-linguistic situations. Adding...

English in China Today at the Harbin Institute of Technology

This is the inaugural edition of English in China Today at the Harbin Institute of Technology, one of China’s Ivy League Universities.China currently has more than 2,400 public, private and joint venture colleges and universities and almost every one publishes a journal in Chinese. No Chinese college or university will accept or pu...
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