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Language and Culture in the Intercultural World

The intensification of contacts between cultures and languages has a major impact on all social spheres today. Multiculturalism and multilingualism are important elements of the local, regional, national and global community. Much of the world’s conflict stems from the contrast between globalization and nationalism, fuelled by reli...

The Properties of Optical Radiation Detectors and Radiometers

This is the first book to investigate the improved performance of optical radiation detectors developed from the ultraviolet to the far-infrared in the past two decades. The development and applications of these improved detectors opened up a new era in radiometric, photometric, colorimetric, and radiation-temperature measurements where earlier blackbody sources and lamps were used with lower performance and in limited application areas. This book will serve to help students, practicing scientists, engineers, technicians, and instrument manufacturers to learn, compare and select the proper detectors for building, using, and calibrating opto-electronic instruments with SI traceability and lowered measurement uncertainty in extended application areas.

Improving Teaching and Learning through Internationalisation

The world has become a global village where the footprints of interdependence and connectiveness supersede those of independence and isolation. Increasing numbers of perspicacious academics have seen the need to explore new cross-cultural frontiers in search of novel ideas and perspectives outside their place of residence and seek international employment upon course completion.This book will appeal to higher education administrators and international students and scholars. It underscores the significance of internationalisation in raising and maintaining education standards in general and improving teaching and learning. It discusses at length educational, cultural, social and spatial perspectives, and shares relevant empirical findings and personal experiences to help the reader better appreciate their international interactions.
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