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Freelance English Teaching in Eastern Europe

Freelance English Teaching in Eastern Europe – A Perspective from R.P. features exclusive insights and anecdotes about living in E. Europe and working as a freelance English teacher - an exciting occupation for college students and graduates hoping to integrate into the local work force. It has 43 chapters including The Nature of W...

From an Existential Vacuum to a Tragic Optimism

From an Existential Vacuum to a Tragic Optimism: The Search for Meaning and the Presence of God in Modern Literature employs a new theoretical approach to critical analysis: Victor Frankl’s logotherapy (from the Greek “logos” for word or reason and often related to divine wisdom), a unique form of existentialism. On the basis of hi...

From Authority Religion to Spirit Religion

George Burman Foster (1857–1918) was a key figure among the philosophers and theologians who composed the early “Chicago School.” This volume makes available the development of Foster’s religious thought by exploring his major writings as well as diverse shorter works. Conclusions are provided following each major section of the bo...

From Hip-Hop to Hyperlinks

From Hip-Hop to Hyperlinks is a text designed to invigorate composition teachers’ classroom approaches for getting students to better understand American culture(s). The contributors share their strategies from their classrooms, including such exciting topics as food, comedy, music, technology, and photography. Readers may use this...
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Frontiers of Distance Learning in Business Education

Distance education and online learning are interchangeable terms used to describe the delivery of educational content, whereby the student and the instructor are separated by geography, time, or both. Within the domain of business education, approximately one-third of all business schools offer online business programs, and many mo...

Future Prospects for Music Education

Informal learning pedagogy has become a major topic within the international field of music education, due in no small part to Lucy Green’s groundbreaking research on popular musicians’ learning, as well as her subsequent efforts to turn her research findings into a pedagogy that can be implemented in comprehensive school music edu...

Game-Based Learning

This book is an invitation to delve into the world of Game-Based Learning, to understand the many facets that make games a truly interesting and effective tool to teach and train in the 21st century.It includes nine chapters which were initially presented at the iGBL conference, a conference held throughout Ireland, where researche...

Gender and Victorian Reform

Gender, in the nineteenth century as now, is an integral part of identity. As a result, gender, along with race and class, has long been a vital part of public discourse about social concerns and reform. The fourteen essays in Gender and Victorian Reform address the overt and subtle ways in which gender influenced social reform in...

Geographical Thoughts in India

This book deals with roots of Indian geographical thoughts with reference to its historical base, cultural context and visionary message. As a consequence of long cultural history the resultant lifeworld in India converges like a drama and dance of space-time function with transference and transformation. In the passage of time eme...
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G. I. Gurdjieff

This volume presents a selection of writings based on papers originally presented at the G.I. Gurdjieff: Caucasian Influence in Contemporary Life and Thought conferences or, as they came to be called, the Armenia-Gurdjieff Conferences, which were held in Yerevan, Armenia in the summers from 2004-2007. Gurdjieff was born in Gyumri, ...

Global Encounters

Scholars throughout the world have come together again in a second book to share their most successful teaching practices and concerns in the areas of cross-cultural studies and international education. Many disciplines are represented and diverse subjects are discussed: science literacy and worldview perspective; second-language a...

Globalization in English Studies

Globalization, the concept used to account for the multitude of linkages, interconnections and interdependences that currently transcend territorial and sociocultural boundaries in the world, has been in the centre of continual controversy over its meaning, scope, intensity and social significance for post-modern societies. However...
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