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Energy and Power

One of our most developed Physical Sciences areas, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s books on Energy and Power focus on the theory, practice, and history of nuclear science and the development of renewable and alternative technologies. Our titles also reach into the practicalities of energy policy, economics, and conservation, with a wider commitment to encouraging the use of sustainable and accessible energy technologies.

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Integral Ecology

This edited book is a collection of essays presented at the 2nd annual Integrity of Creation Conference at Duquesne University, USA, and thus represents the 2nd Conference Proceedings of an annual endowed series. The title of this conference was “Protecting Our Common Home,” adopted in the title of this volume. The concept of Integ...

Romanticism, Rhetoric and the Search for the Sublime

Relying on the author’s established expertise in rhetorical theory and political communication, this book re-contextualizes Romantic rhetorical theory in the late 18th and early 19th centuries to provide a foundation for a Neo-Romantic rhetorical theory for our own time. In the process, it uses a unique methodology to correct misco...

A Critical Perspective of Entropy Generation Minimization in Thermal Analyses and Optimizations

Thermal analyses and optimizations are very ubiquitous and important in academic research and engineering applications. In this field, the entropy generation minimization has been widely used and found to be effective in many cases. Sometimes, it was even used without checking the applicability, and seemed to be a unified theory th...

Is Renewable Energy Affordable?

The cost of energy provision is the basis of our living standards. The demand for renewable power sources to mitigate global warming concerns comes with increasing cost, and their integration onto the national electricity supply network remains largely unnoticed until the bills arrive. State policy has not managed this transition e...
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Reclaiming Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Conservation has, over the last couple of decades, coalesced around the language of ‘community-engagement’. Models that seemed to prop up conservation areas as those emptied of human presence are cracking under their own weight. This book grounds our understanding of people-forest relationships through the lens of Indigenous Knowle...

Sustainable Consumption, Promise or Myth? Case Studies from the Field

This book brings together a number of recent case studies from the broad field of sustainable consumption. As they evaluate the promises, myths, and critiques of sustainable consumption, these essays can also be categorized into a range of different societal perspectives, from the individual to collectivities.The first chapters exp...

The Change of Paradigm in Nuclear Fuel Optimization

This monograph highlights pertinent problems in nuclear fuel optimization. It shows that the current approach does not allow us to predict the synergic effects leading to fuel-related accidents, and is characterized by great uncertainty with regards to estimating fuel cladding failure conditions and the reduced efficiency of fuel o...

Intergenerational Education for Adolescents towards Liveable Futures

This volume will provide eco-socially-oriented science and environmental educators with a diverse set of examples of how science and environmental learning for students and their co-learner teachers can be enacted in ways which contribute to their understanding of, commitment to and capabilities towards, living for a more eco-socia...

Modelling Offshore Wind Farm Operation and Maintenance

A wind turbine is of course far more complicated than just a tower topped with a big fan, especially for the offshore ones. Wind energy as a green energy resource with zero fuel requirements, and thus no processing waste, has been assuming an increasingly important role in energy generation. Offshore wind farms with their steady ou...

Modern Trends in Renewable Energy Technology

Renewable energy sources are currently a particularly pressing need as we all have become addicted to the usage of electrical energy. The extraction of fossil fuels has to be reduced as they are depleting at an ever-increasing rate, which is due to the increase in population and the subsequent rapid urbanization. As a consequence, ...

Wet Combustion and Water Vapor Pump-cycle Efficiency

In the past, water was used as an anti-knock agent or as an “additive” component to improve combustion quality and to boost engine power. Today, in a context of severe environmental requirements and energy saving responsibilities, the proper use of water continues to offer many possibilities to serve both environmental and energy s...

A Guide to Sustainable Energy in West Africa

This volume highlights the abundancy of clean energy resources with which the geographical area of West Africa is endowed. It shows the pace at which the renewable energy sector is growing and how it contributes to the mitigation of global warming. The book identifies in detail the stock of various resources, the enabling business ...
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