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Engineering and Technology

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Engineering and Technology books are authored by professionals and academics working at the forefront of their respective fields, from aerospace and automotive to marine and mechanical engineering. Our books in this area are developed from our authors’ years of technological practice, and also comprise a growing number of engineering textbooks for students and new researchers. As a whole, the collection will be an important benchmark for future research and innovation across the entirety of the Physical Sciences.

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Towards Efficient Photovoltaic Devices

Fossil fuels are limited resources and are anticipated to be exhausted within the next few decades. Solar energy is the only renewable resource capable of adequately meeting today’s total global energy demand. Dye-sensitised solar cells (DSCs) represent a novel class of photovoltaic devices that mimic nature’s photosynthesis proces...

An Exploration of Technology and its Social Impact

This book provides a set of important articles dealing with technology’s role and its social impact within the new information age. Taking into consideration the rapid changes within the modern social sphere, the book will be of interest to those seeking to understand how technology is currently reshaping life, as well as its capac...

Cognitive Science in Education and Alternative Teaching Strategies

Cognitive science deals with such questions as 'How do we think?' and 'How do we learn, memorize, dream?'. It tackles the subject of human mentality by connecting discoveries from a range of disciplines that shed light on cognitive occurrences and the learning process. Cognitive science unites the fields of neuroscience, psychology...

Progress in Medical Geology

This volume represents a compendium of research conducted by international scholars who participated in the 2nd Symposium on Advances in Geospatial held during “The 5th International Conference on Medical Geology” in Arlington, Virginia, USA, in 2013. The research topics dealt with here mainly focus on the new scientific field of m...

Birthing the Computer

Birthing the Computer: From Drums to Cores examines the evolution of computer systems architecture based on two evolutionary developments: memory technology – magnetic drums to magnetic cores – and CPU technology – transistors. This evolution, exemplified by a number of academic and commercial computing machines, yielded significan...

Teacher Education in India

This book derives from an ICSSR New Delhi-sponsored National seminar on teacher education issues and concerns, with special reference to North East India, organised by the Department of Education at Mizoram University, Aizawl, India. The entire fabric of any modern and progressive country is built upon the quality, dedication, comp...

Digital Resources, Creativity and Innovative Methodologies in Language Teaching and Learning

The concept of university language centres has changed in recent decades. Initially conceived as laboratories for practical and autonomous language-learning, they are now considered as places with more specific and complex functions in language teaching and learning. University language centres now constitute networks for exchangin...

Urban Monstrosities

Sign of sublime excess and transgression, guardian of the threshold and uncanny creature par excellence, the monster of late has also become a mainstay of urban narratives – even while its presence in these texts remains untheorized. The authors in this collection show how artists and writers across the past two hundred years, from...

Further Improvements in the Boolean Domain

The amount of digital systems supporting our daily life is increasing continuously. Improved technical facilities for their production have led to growing challenges for engineers and scientists working in the Boolean domain. A Boolean variable can only carry two different Boolean values: FALSE or TRUE (0 or 1), and has the best in...

Large Dams in India

This book fills the existing lacuna in research in Science, Technology and Society (STS) through a review of existing studies of large dams in India, and analysing a case study of the proposed Tipaimukh dam project in Manipur, India. It reveals the strong connections between risk, technology, politics and environmentalism in the co...

Performance, Technology and Application of High Performance Marine Vessels Volume One

There has been tremendous growth in the development of advanced marine vehicles over the last few decades and many of these developments have been presented at the International High Performance Marine Vehicles Conference held annually since 1997 in Shanghai, China. This comprehensive first volume covers high speed monohulls, multi...

The Fabrication, Testing and Application of Fibre Cement Boards

This book considers the composition, production, testing methods and application of modern cellulose fibre cement boards (FCB). FCB replaced widespread but now illegal and harmful asbestos building products. Despite the complexity of the FCB fabrication process, the material is currently widely implemented. In the first chapter, th...
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