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Engineering and Technology

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Engineering and Technology books are authored by professionals and academics working at the forefront of their respective fields, from aerospace and automotive to marine and mechanical engineering. Our books in this area are developed from our authors’ years of technological practice, and also comprise a growing number of engineering textbooks for students and new researchers. As a whole, the collection will be an important benchmark for future research and innovation across the entirety of the Physical Sciences.

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Practical Optimization with MATLAB

This easy-to-follow guide provides academics and industrial engineers with a state-of-the-art numerical approach to the most frequent technical and economical optimization methods. In an engaging manner, it provides the reader with not only a systematic and comprehensive study, but also with necessary and directly implementable cod...

Recent Developments in Plant Biotechnology

This volume explores advances in plant biotechnology, and focuses on the use of lipids and proteins extracted from different kinds of plants tissues in potential industrial applications. In fact, lipidomics and proteomics refer to the advancement of technologies, such as chromatography and mass spectrometry, to study lipids and pro...

Conversion Coatings

This book is a guide to all new and presently existing processes available to chemically modify the surfaces of industrially used metals. The modifications described here will produce hard scratch-resistant surfaces, corrosion-resistant surfaces, and surfaces that will easily accept applied coatings, such as industrial paints. Incl...

Critique of Constructal Theory

Constructal theory has been extensively used to analyze and optimize many different shapes and structures in both living and non-living systems. It is generally considered to be a law that could govern the evolutions of shapes and structures in biology, physics, technology, and social organization. Accordingly, it seems that the co...

Electronics and Microprocessing for Research, 2nd Edition

This is an introductory course textbook in electronics, programming, and microprocessing. It explains how to connect and control various electronic components, how to wire and read common types of sensors, and how to amplify, filter, and smooth sensor readings. This will allow the learner to start designing and building their own e...

Wet Combustion and Water Vapor Pump-cycle Efficiency

In the past, water was used as an anti-knock agent or as an “additive” component to improve combustion quality and to boost engine power. Today, in a context of severe environmental requirements and energy saving responsibilities, the proper use of water continues to offer many possibilities to serve both environmental and energy s...

Modelling Emergency Situations in the Drilling of Deep Boreholes

The era of easily acquiring oil and gas is over. Now, to extract these resources, deep vertical and curvilinear, off-shore and ground-based boreholes are drilled in inclement climate conditions and in complex heterogeneous tectonic rocks. Additional novelties have also been assimilated into these technologies by the shale revolutio...

Solving the Mysteries of the Solid Elements (From the Origin of Elements to Machine Parts)

Most of the elements in the periodic table are metallic or semi-metallic elements. This book graphically represents these elements, allowing their nature to be interpreted in more detail. Each element is plotted in a diagram with thermal conductivity on the abscissa and the Young’s modulus on the ordinate....

Developments in Management Science in Engineering 2018

Management science in engineering (MSE) is playing an increasingly important role in modern society. In particular, the development of efficient and innovative managerial tools has significantly influenced the research progress of management science in engineering. This book identifies the main research categories of MSE, and evalu...

Finite Element Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Structures Using Post-Tensioning Steel

This book details the theory and applications of finite element (FE) modeling of post-tensioned (PT) concrete structures, and provides the updated MATLAB code (as of 2019). The challenge of modeling PT prestressed concrete structures lies in the treatment of the interface between the concrete and prestressing tendons. Using MATLAB,...

The Types, Properties, and Applications of Conductive Textiles

This book provides basic knowledge about the principles, roles, types and evaluation methods of antistatic and conductive textile materials, which are used for protection against charge dissipation, incendiary discharge, intense electrostatic fields and electromagnetic interference (EMI). It also discusses the basic properties of d...

A Way Through the Global Techno-Scientific Culture

Computers are supposed to be smart, yet they frustrate both ordinary users and computer technologists. Why are people frustrated by smart machines? Computers don’t fit people. People think in terms of comparisons, stories, and analogies, and seek feedback, whereas computers are based on a fundamental design that does not fit with a...
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