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Environmental Health

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Contemporary Development Issues in Nigeria

Africa today confronts, and is known for, daunting developmental challenges, despite the abundant human and material resources and significant global development assistance. A number of issues have been identified as causes of the continent’s poor development performance. However, a number of these implicated issues have been insuf...

Averting a Global Environmental Collapse

The numerous and varied indicators of environmental risks point toward the likelihood of a systemic and catastrophic ecological failure at some point during this century. Political inaction and cultural resistance, meanwhile, are even preventing the implementation of already available technical solutions, which has led many experts...

Evolving Approaches to Understanding Natural Hazards

The 21st century presents many challenges to the hazard manager; dynamic climatic conditions combined with population growth, rapid urbanization, and changing socio-economic relationships are reshaping disaster impacts, community responses, and social safety mechanisms. Indeed, human vulnerability is constantly restructured by the ...

Scale, Governance and Change in Zambezi Teak Forests

The Zambezi Teak forests of western Zambia have been exploited for their timber for over 80 years. The record of this exploitation and the subsequent collapse of the timber industry provide a unique insight into problems around land use change, governance and the interaction between ecology, society and forest management in south-c...

Building Sustainability with the Arts

Environmental art or ‘ecoart’ is a burgeoning field and includes a wide variety of practices, some of which are exemplified in this collection: from sculptures or installations made from discarded rubbish to intimate ephemeral artworks placed in the natural environment, or from theatrical presentations incorporated into environment...

Tourism in Bali and the Challenge of Sustainable Development

This work offers a cross-analysis of the development of tourism in Bali, combining international and intercultural (from Indonesian, French, Australian and English researchers), transdisciplinary and inter-generational research. It questions the capacity of tourism, to be a vector of sustainable development, by analyzing its variou...

Demystifying Climate Risk Volume II

This book is a distillation of the First Annual International Technical Workshop on Climate Risk held in 2016 in Wells, Maine, USA. It is organized into four major themes, namely: the Montreal Protocol; industry and infrastructure concerns; sustainability and strategic planning; and climate science and informing business risk.The v...

New Challenges in Sustainable Development for Russia and the World

This volume offers profound analyses of the main theoretical and practical aspects of the concept of sustainable development: namely, current environmental problems; the building of green economies; climate policies; specifics of international cooperation in the sphere of sustainable development; specific features of business and g...

Rethinking Sustainable Development in Terms of Justice

The need to reassess the discourse of sustainable development in terms of equity and justice has grown rapidly in the last decade. This book explores renewed and distinctive approaches to the sustainability and justice debate, integrating a range of perspectives that include moral philosophy, sociology and law. By bringing together...

Searching for Sustainable Development and Its Purpose

This book provides a synthesis of sustainable development, formulating and promoting a lifestyle that would facilitate the reasonable satisfaction of the needs of all people throughout the world, be environmental friendly, and not exceed the carrying capacity of ecosystems. It details the “big picture” of the human story, discussin...

Cascading Challenges in the Global Water Crisis

This edited book is a collection of essays presented at the 3rd annual endowed conference held at Duquesne University, USA. The conference series addresses emerging concerns and threshold problems about the sustainability of our planet. The contributions gathered here highlight the inter-relation of topics and expertise from the pe...

Precedented Environmental Futures

This book addresses the built environment through the lens of environmental architecture, and in a holistic manner. It moves gradually from psychophysiology and thinking-doing-feeling modalities, through environmental criteria to environmental modulation, concluding with a debate around mitigation and adaptation.Much use is made of...
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