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Environmental Sciences

While complementing our titles in the Social Sciences on the philosophy and future of conversation, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Environmental Sciences collection focuses more acutely on issues of ecotoxicology, environmental monitoring and analysis, and the scientific analysis of environmental change at different scales from the local to the global. A collection that is fundamentally interdisciplinary in nature, it will be of interest to all those concerned with the ongoing management of our fragile environment.

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Nature and the Environment in Contemporary Religious Contexts

This collection of essays discusses the human relationship with, and responsibilities toward, the natural environment from the perspective of religions and the social sciences. The chapters examine a variety of conditions that have contributed to the contemporary environmental crisis, including abuse of power, economic greed, indus...

Climate Change and Sustainable Heritage

This collection deals with the impacts of climate change, focusing on urban regions and heritage-related scenarios. It assesses the effects of climate change on our cultural and natural heritage, disaster management, adaptation to climate change, and sustainability in building and urban planning. Climate change concerns our cultura...

A Healthy Life on a Healthy Planet

The majority of people are under the impression that pollution affects mostly the environment. Thus, we are mainly concerned with climate change and the disappearance of wildlife. We are convinced that pollution doesn’t affect us as humans. However, the incidence rate of cancer is higher today than in the 1970s and we are witnessin...

New Challenges in Sustainable Development for Russia and the World

This volume offers profound analyses of the main theoretical and practical aspects of the concept of sustainable development: namely, current environmental problems; the building of green economies; climate policies; specifics of international cooperation in the sphere of sustainable development; specific features of business and g...

Contemporary Customary Land Issues in Africa

This book examines current trends in customary land issues in Africa, focusing on the practice of converting customary land into leasehold tenure, particularly in Zambia. Since the enactment of the 1995 Lands Act No. 29 in Zambia, conversion of customary land has become a controversial policy, raising questions about the future of ...

Rethinking Sustainable Development in Terms of Justice

The need to reassess the discourse of sustainable development in terms of equity and justice has grown rapidly in the last decade. This book explores renewed and distinctive approaches to the sustainability and justice debate, integrating a range of perspectives that include moral philosophy, sociology and law. By bringing together...

Environmental Planning and Management

This book discusses some of the methods that can be used to reduce and prevent environmental problems. In particular, it explores aspects of environmental impact assessment, land use planning, pollution and climate change, environmental education, environmental law and policy, environmental engineering, and environmental design. As...

The Biogenic Synthesis of Au, Pd and Pt Nanoparticles and Its Medicinal Applications

This book describes the biogenic and green synthesis of gold, palladium and platinum nanoparticles through a variety of methods. 80% of the world’s population use traditional medicinal plants as the primary form of healthcare. Biogenic nanoparticles are those particles which are synthesized by biogenic systems like plants, microbes...

Environmental Contamination and Remediation

This book provides an account of the major environmental contaminations present today, and offers detailed insights into their potential remediation through bio-based solutions. Bringing together the work of various international experts in this field, it contains comprehensive reviews on the mechanisms of bioremediation. Moreover,...

The Well-being of Chinese Older Adults

The well-being of the Chinese elderly has recently drawn the attention of a significant number of researchers. This book examines the relationship among personal factors (such as age, sex, income, cognitive functioning, and functional disability), environmental factors (including satisfaction of housing, community, safety, and tran...

Underwater Worlds

Underwater Worlds throws open a new area in the emerging field of “blue” environmental humanities by exploring how subaqueous environments have been imagined and represented across cultures and media. The collection pursues this theme through various disciplinary perspectives and methodologies, including history, literary and film ...

Searching for Sustainable Development and Its Purpose

This book provides a synthesis of sustainable development, formulating and promoting a lifestyle that would facilitate the reasonable satisfaction of the needs of all people throughout the world, be environmental friendly, and not exceed the carrying capacity of ecosystems. It details the “big picture” of the human story, discussin...
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