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Environmental Technology, Policy and Management

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Disasters, Culture, Politics

The articles in the volume contribute to a relatively new domain of scholarly research – the ecological anthropology, focusing especially on contemporary crises and disasters from different background: natural, social, technological, etc.Based upon expanded field work, in some cases – from a terrain difficult to access, the author...

The Culture of Energy

The culture of the modern world involves a sizeable and continuous use of energy. The story of energy as a part of modernity begins in the early 19th Century with hard work, experiments and the establishment of local energy systems. The natural conditions made certain by the alternation between light and dark, between warmth and co...

Climate Change and Sustainable Heritage

This collection deals with the impacts of climate change, focusing on urban regions and heritage-related scenarios. It assesses the effects of climate change on our cultural and natural heritage, disaster management, adaptation to climate change, and sustainability in building and urban planning. Climate change concerns our cultura...

Contemporary Customary Land Issues in Africa

This book examines current trends in customary land issues in Africa, focusing on the practice of converting customary land into leasehold tenure, particularly in Zambia. Since the enactment of the 1995 Lands Act No. 29 in Zambia, conversion of customary land has become a controversial policy, raising questions about the future of ...

Spiritual and Ecological Civilization

The book discuss one of the most acute problems facing society today, namely choosing ways for the further development of mankind. Its analysis of global crises of modern ‘technogenic and consumer’ civilization shows the necessity and possibility of transitioning to a new type of civilization, which could be called ‘spiritually-eco...

Energy, Climate and Tourism

This book approaches the issues of climate, energy, and tourism in an original way, illustrating the place of energy in contemporary society through examples taken from tourism. It ponders the ways in which negative effects can be controlled at the municipal or other local or regional levels, and provides a powerful answer: the imp...

The Impact of Development on the Environment and Human Rights

This book looks into the developmental policies that have been followed in India since independence and their impact on both the environment and human rights. It also explores some of the major theoretical discourses, and debates these topics and the responses large-scale developmental projects in India have elicited from marginali...

The Lochsa Elk Herd

Northern hemisphere ungulates occupy a variety of habitats of varying degrees of permanency. Populations that occupy drier areas must contend with different moisture patterns between years, but vegetation is relatively permanent, pending large-scale disturbances such as fires or heavy grazing. However, populations that occupy borea...