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Experimental and Cognitive Psychology

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Mnemosyne and Mars

This volume will be of interest to everyone seeking to understand the relationship between war as an historical narrative and its representation in the arts and in culture, notably in literature, film, theatre and music. More specifically, it will be of the greatest interest to undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and academi...

Public Memory, Race, and Ethnicity

Scholars across the humanities and social sciences who study public memory study the ways that groups of people collectively remember the past. One motivation for such study is to understand how collective identities at the local, regional, and national level emerge, and why those collective identities often lead to conflict. Publi...

Regarding the Mind, Naturally

Naturalism is currently the most vibrantly developing approach to philosophy, with naturalised methodologies being applied across all the philosophical disciplines. One of the areas naturalism has been focussing upon is the mind, traditionally viewed as a topic hard to reconcile with the naturalistic worldview. A number of question...

Relevance Theory

The present volume covers a variety of topics which are at the centre of interest in pragmatic research: understanding and believing, reference, politeness, communication problems, stylistics, metaphor, and humour. Next to innovative theoretical proposals, there are interesting analyses and discussions....

Revisiting the Past through Rhetorics of Memory and Amnesia

As the 21st century’s first decade draws to a close, we are reminded of events of the past, both distant and recent. Many resulted in violent conflict. This volume investigates how our memories are shaped by rhetorics crafted by people who want audiences to remember events in specific ways. From the pivotal battle between Americans...

Sonic Mediations

Sonic Mediations: Body, Sound, Technology is a collection of original essays that represents an invaluable contribution to the burgeoning field of sound studies. While sound is often posited as having a bridging function, as a passive in-between, this volume invites readers to rethink the concept of mediation by examining the relat...
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Space and Time in Language and Literature

Space and time, their infiniteness and/or their limit(ation)s, their coding, conceptualization and the relationship between the two, have been intriguing people for millennia. Linguistics and literature are no exceptions in this sense. This book brings together eight essays which all deal with the expression of space and/or time in...

Studies in Language and Cognition

Using a plethora of concepts, theories and methods, the theoretical and empirical studies described in this volume are united in their approach of treating language not in isolation (e.g. as a “module”), but as both based on structures and processes of cognition, and at the same time as affecting the human mind. The book is organiz...

The Conceptualisation of the Christian Life in John Henry Newman's Parochial and Plain Sermons

This book analyses the conceptual mechanisms behind the notion of “The Christian Life” in the collection of sermons preached by John Henry Newman (1801–1890) and published in eight volumes as Parochial and Plain Sermons (1834–1843). The study utilises tools of cognitive semantics, such as the theory of conceptual metaphor and meton...

The Effect of Interactivity in e-Learning Systems

This book is based on research conducted to investigate whether interactivity yields a learning effect when used appropriately in e-Learning Systems, and whether this effect enhances learning. There is no doubt interactivity is vital in learning. This statement is emphasized to such an extent that it is claimed that students with h...

The Fragmenting Force of Memory

This study is about experimental forms of cultural production that situate and work through personal experiences of the civil war in Lebanon. It addresses selected works of literature, autobiography and memoir by Jean Said Makdisi, Rashid al-Daif, Elias Khoury and Mai Ghoussoub, and the civil war trilogy of documentary films by Moh...

Vantage Theory

The book is concerned with Vantage Theory (VT), a model of categorization proposed by the American linguist, anthropologist, and cognitive scientist, Robert E. MacLaury (1944–2004). It consists of three of his previously unpublished studies and five chapters by other authors.Vantage Theory views categorization as a process of vanta...
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