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Experimental and Cognitive Psychology

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Dimensions of the Word

This volume inscribes itself in the long-standing debate on the status of the “word”. Considering its multi-faceted nature, the authors formulate multiple questions about it and, though no answer to these questions might be exhaustive, each of them brings the reader closer to a more complete understanding of the issue. The eleven a...

Re-doing Rapunzel's Hair

This volume presents an exploration of the role of embodied cognition in creating personal, imaginative renditions of hair, that also distally relate to the symbolic significance of the fairytale character Rapunzel’s hair (in terms of physical life, romantic life, spiritual life, and psychic life, respectively). Integral to this re...

The Processing of Lexicon and Morphosyntax

This volume showcases a selection of empirical research reports presented at the Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference 2012 held at the National University of Distance Learning in Madrid. It deals with original experimental studies on the processing of language, with special emphasis on word access, word recognition, acquisitio...

Common Threads

Common Threads explores ideas of artistic identity and memory contained within the narrated stories of ten textile artists. It reveals how individuals bring a sense of linearity to fragments of memory and create a cohesive sense of self through telling their life’s story.By employing a systems model, the author constructs new ideas...

The Performance of Trauma in Moving Image Art

With reference to recent neurological research into Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) using new imaging technologies and models of implicit and explicit memory systems developed from this research, The Performance of Trauma in Moving Image Art examines the capacity of an artist’s cinema of experimental and avant-garde film to p...

Extension and its Limits

The present volume focuses on a special topic – on the one hand, found at all levels of language organization, and presumably present in language since its origin. On the other hand, this issue – extension – has only relatively recently become the subject of serious study and, as such, it is still a largely unexplored, fresh, and e...

Virtual Teacher

Today in the age of technology, contemporary researchers from the fields of philosophy, cognitive science, neurobiology, and artificial intelligence ask many questions about the nature of the mind and body, originating in ancient Greek philosophy. Among those, are also questions about the relationship between humans and machines, a...

Different Psychological Perspectives on Cognitive Processes

This book highlights some of the main lines of research in cognitive psychology in the Alps-Adria region, which, being geographically located in the centre of the European continent, encompasses eleven regions from six different countries: namely, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Serbia and Slovenia. The reason for bringing togeth...

Learning Progressions for Maps, Geospatial Technology, and Spatial Thinking

As an approach to educational research, learning progressions offer considerable potential for investigating how children develop an understanding of geographic concepts and practices across grade bands and in relation to national geography standards. With funding support from the US National Science Foundation, this book was creat...

Theatre and Learning

As early as Plato, theorists acknowledged the power of theatre as a way of teaching young minds. Similarly, starting with Plato, philosophers occasionally adopted an anti-theatrical stance, worried by the “dangers” theatre posed to society. The relationships between learning and theatre have never been seen as straightforward, obvi...

In Which Direction is Music Heading? Cultural and Cognitive Studies in Turkey

This book offers a range of trajectories of academic thought and musical practice in Turkey. It adopts a multidisciplinary approach, with chapters exploring the question posed by its title from the perspectives of ethnomusicology, historical musicology, neurology, psychology, social science, gender studies, acoustics, and linguisti...

Engaging Imagination and Developing Creativity in Education (2nd Edition)

Imagination is the source of creativity and invention. This volume of essays has been collected expressly to bring readers new ideas about imagination and creativity in education that will both stimulate discussion and debate, and also contribute practical ideas for how to infuse daily classrooms with imaginative activities.Researc...
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