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Experimental and Cognitive Psychology

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iPads in Higher Education

The proceedings of the 1st International Conference on the use of iPads in Higher Education (ihe2014) gathered in this volume will be of interest to a wide range of academics regardless of research discipline. With the widespread implementation of the use of tablets, particularly iPads, in Higher Education, this book will be useful...

Recovery and Transgression

There is no poetry without memory. Recovery and Transgression: Memory in American Poetry is devoted to the ways in which poetic texts shape, and are shaped by, personal, collective, and cultural memory. It looks at the manifold and often transgressive techniques through which the past is recovered and repurposed in poetry. T.S. Eli...

Italians in Wales and their Cultural Representations, 1920s-2010s

Italian immigrants began to settle in Wales at the turn of the 19th century, opening hundreds of coffee shops, particularly in the South Wales Valleys. Despite this, such immigrants remain a largely unexplored case study in the history of Italian immigration to the UK. This book uses a variety of unexplored sources, and engages wit...

Creative Learning and MOOCs

This volume brings together a collection of selected (and revised) articles that were presented at the 11th Learning and Technology Conference held by Effat University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in February 2014. The conference is an annual event that explores the latest research and practice in innovative technologies and their impa...

Defending the Content View of Perceptual Experience

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in philosophical interest in perception. Perception is the basic and primary way in which we get in touch with our world in cognitive and active terms: by perceiving the surrounding world, we come to form true beliefs about it and successfully inhabit it through our actions. As suc...

Challenging Ideas

Challenging Ideas is a selection of articles which address the intersections between theory and empirical research. In general, the contributions to the volume focus on how imaginations of the temporal relationship between past and present might inform theory as well as empirical research. It is divided into two parts, the first of...

Need for Sleep

This book explores the influence of fairytale details and imagery on adult cognition. It presents an exploration of possible changes in an individual’s schematic representations that reflect certain artistic re-interpretations of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale, including works of performance art, fiction, and film. Integral to this ...

(Re)collecting the Past

This collection explores the role of memoria histórica in its broadest sense, bringing together studies of narrative, theatre, visual expressions, film, television, and radio that provide a comprehensive overview of contemporary cultural production in Spain in this regard. Employing a wide range of critical approaches to works that...

Collected Essays on Philosophers

Colin Wilson’s first book The Outsider was published to great critical acclaim in May 1956. It was the first of six philosophical books, known collectively as ‘The Outsider Cycle’, compiled by Wilson during the following decade. A summary volume, Introduction to the New Existentialism, appeared in 1966.During the 1970s, however, Wi...

Cognitive Explorations into the Category Schema of 'For'

Disparities exist in the way current linguistic research approaches prepositions, both in terms of definition and classification. Despite an abundance of publications containing analyses of prepositions, especially those in the English language, relatively little attention has been devoted to the preposition ‘for’, despite its high...

Remembering Home in a Time of Mobility

Memory, nostalgia and melancholy have attracted considerable scholarly attention in recent decades. Numerous critics of globalisation, transnationalism and cosmopolitanism have posited an overwhelming feeling of homelessness not only among people who have been displaced from their original home/lands, but also among those who feel ...

Effects of Interpersonal Relationships on Shared Reminiscence

You rely on your memories for who you are as a person, where you have been, and what you have experienced in your life to date. But, what if it turned out that these memories that you hold closely aren’t your memories at all? What if they were someone else’s memories?This book documents the results of a research project investigati...
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