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Experimental and Cognitive Psychology

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Education from a Whiteheadian Point of View

The basic aims of contemporary thinking in education are to cultivate a proper comprehension of the meaning and purpose of education and the role of the teacher, and to develop adequate theoretical and methodological frameworks that combine some of the positive sides of the leading theories, while avoiding their disadvantages. Towa...

Psychic River

The book is about the joys and frustrations of lifelong learning, and about what drives us to learn as we move through our years. It follows the life-in-learning, from birth to death, of a character that the reader is invited to create. It examines many of life’s important themes—a response to overwhelming choice, the instinct of s...

Cultural Memory Studies

This volume provides an overview of theories of cultural memory that are intensively discussed in cultural studies and humanities disciplines such as history, sociology, literary studies, art history, and media studies. Cultural memory encompasses all rituals, institutions and practices through which communities establish their ide...

A Philosophical Approach to Creation Process

This book is about creation as it was conceived by the classical Greeks. The object that is created is very specific. It may be a space vehicle or a plan for a form of government, such as a republic or a kingdom, or may also be a work of art; music, painting or literature. This sort of creation is known by people all over the world...

Science and Mind in Contemporary Process Thought

The relationship of mind to matter, and the very understanding of mind and matter still eludes understanding, even after millennia of philosophical work and centuries of scientific reflection. The present volume shows how process philosophy helps us in conceptualizing such problems. The reader will find twelve chapters—written by p...

The Structure of Conscious Experience

There must exist a point at which the molecular and electro-chemical processes that comprise brain function are transformed into rich, orderly conscious experience which seamlessly blends the present moment, what led up to it, and what will follow it. This is the stuff of our everyday lives, and it raises questions about its organi...

Integrative Explorations of the Creative Mind

The book is about creativity and relates to the field of creative cognition, divergent thinking, and innovation. The essays collected here highlight new and exciting explorations of ideas and theories of integrative approaches to the creative mind. This singularity allows a unique and fresh look at the concept of creativity. The pr...

Rethinking Presuppositions

This innovative volume proposes an overturning in the study of presuppositions. Beginning with a critical discussion of the most influential approaches, both in linguistics and philosophy, it shows that mainstream debate has not actually studied presuppositions, but rather the means to make presuppositions. In order to overcome thi...

Signs, Codes, Spaces, and Arts

This book delves into the concepts of general and spatial semiotics, discussing the differences and interactions between semiotic means of diverse types and levels. It introduces an integrative model (“the sign prism”) which unites many famous schemes of sign connection. It considers the human as a being included in a self-created ...

Towards Authentic Experiential Learning in Translator Education (2nd Edition)

This volume brings together the voices of a number of translation and interpreting scholars and educators representing several different cultures and language combinations, in order to present their views on, and experiences with, authentic experiential learning in professional translation and interpreting programmes. Readers who h...

Victims and Survivors’ Own Stories of Intrafamilial Child Sexual Abuse

In the UK today, it is estimated that nearly one in twenty children are subjected to sexual abuse, with the overwhelming majority being abused within the family environment. However, despite its prevalence, intrafamilial child sexual abuse remains largely shrouded in silence, shame and stigma.Taking a phenomenological approach, thi...

Social Psychology of Pictures

We see and represent our social environment not as it is, but as we believe it to be. This is the thesis defended in this book, supported by conceptual elements and illustrated by numerous examples drawn from anthropology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology and social psychology. These examples show that people sharing ...
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