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Featured Review: Art in the Age of Emergence

At Cambridge Scholars, we are very proud that many of our authors and their publications are critically acclaimed in reviews and endorsements by eminent scholars in their respective fields, and we would like to take this opportunity to highlight one such review.

This month, we are delighted to showcase Professor John Seed’s review of Michael Pearce’s title Art in the Age of Emergence. John is a painter, writer and curator, and is currently Professor of Art and Art History at Mt. San Jacinto College in southern California. In an article for the Huffington Post, John praises Michael’s book for breaking new ground and believes it is a “genuine conversation-starter”.

“Serious discussions about emergence have been appearing in other fields since the postwar era, especially in physics, chemistry and biology. Michael Pearce's book is the first major effort to use emergence as a model for aesthetic theory. Pearce takes an interdisciplinary approach, weaving together quotes and observations by archaeologists, art historians, evolutionary biologists, philosophers, physicists, semioticians, and theologians. Partly a personal meditation, but also an exploration of scientific and philosophical ideas, Art in the Age of Emergence is intended to challenge the current orthodoxies of contemporary aesthetics. [It] is a dense book that is ultimately quite optimistic, and a genuine conversation-starter.”

—Professor John Seed, Huffington Post

To find out more about Art in the Age of Emergence, click here. To read Professor Seed’s review in full, click here.

We are always very happy to hear from authors with reviews of their titles, and have published an ever-increasing number of reviews on our website. Being well-reviewed is a strong selling point for any book, and, at Cambridge Scholars, we have a number of ways in which we can help authors and editors to this end.

In the first instance, following publication we will contact individuals and publications from our wide-ranging list of contacts. We have up to 20 review copies to send directly to any interested scholars or publications as standard. We appreciate that our authors have specialist knowledge in their subject areas, and we always welcome suggestions of potential reviewers both during and after publication.

For more information on the post-publication process, please visit our dedicated Post-Publication page by clicking here or email

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