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Featured Review – Realising Critical HRD: Stories of Reflecting, Voicing, and Enacting Critical Practice

At Cambridge Scholars, we are very proud that many of our authors and their publications are critically acclaimed by eminent scholars in their respective fields. We put our authors at the centre of everything we do, and this month we would like to take this opportunity to highlight a particularly noteworthy review.

This month, we are delighted to showcase Joshua Collins’ review of Realising Critical HRD: Stories of Reflecting, Voicing, and Enacting Critical Practice, edited by Jamie L. Callahan, Jim Stewart, Clare Rigg, Sally Sambrook and Kiran Trehan. Dr Collins is an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, specialising in Critical HRD, and highlighted how this edited collection “provides a truly impressive depth of insight”.

"As a collection of chapters penned by an international group of well-respected scholars and practitioners, the book’s principal success is in its prioritization of highly experienced critical voice. A thorough and thoughtful reading of this text would be helpful to any scholar or practitioner of HRD, as it provides a truly impressive depth of insight into how to move beyond merely identifying problems of injustice and inequity in organizations and in the field of HRD. [...] It is with great delight that I recommend this book to others. I believe that this book has the potential for wide appeal – practitioners, scholars, and students of HRD and/or organizational behavior and management. I believe this book could be used in the United States, the United Kingdom, and in other similar cultural contexts to further the already well-developed dialogue about critical HRD practices. However, I also believe it could be helpful on a more global scale and useful even to those who are situated in countries and cultures that are in the earlier stages of their critical awareness and action. This book gives scholars and practitioners the language they need to have difficult conversations, regardless of whether they already consider themselves to be critical or not."

–Dr Joshua C. Collins, Human Resource Development International, 19:4 (2016)

To find out more about Realising Critical HRD: Stories of Reflecting, Voicing, and Enacting Critical Practice, click here. To read the review in full, click here (requires subscription).

We are always very happy to hear from authors with reviews of their titles and have published an ever-increasing number of reviews on our website. Being well-reviewed is a strong selling point for any book, and at Cambridge Scholars we have a number of ways in which we can help authors and editors to this end.

In the first instance, following publication our dedicated Reviews Editor will contact individuals and publications from our wide-ranging list of contacts. We have up to 20 review copies to send directly to any interested scholars or publications as standard. We appreciate that our authors have specialist knowledge in their subject areas, and we always welcome suggestions of potential reviewers both during and after publication.

For more information on the post-publication process, please visit our dedicated Post-Publication page by clicking here or email

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