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Financial Economics

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Bridges Across the Sahara

The objective of this edited book is to rethink the history of colonial and nationalist categories and analyses of modern Africa through an integration and examination of the African Saharan trade as bridges that link the North, Central, and West regions of Africa. Firstly, it offers a critique of the colonial, postcolonial and nat...
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Business Strategies for Economies in Transition

The book of readings, Business Strategies for Economies in Transition, is a collection of papers describing various business issues as they occurred during the economic transitions in Central and Eastern European countries. The book’s sections are organized along the typical academic business disciplines – Marketing Management, Ad...

Consequences of the European Monetary Integration on Financial Systems

The volume consists of twelve chapters that represent updated and revised versions of papers presented at the 11th International Conference on Finance and Banking which took place at Silesian University - School of Business Administration in Karviná, Czech Republic on 17 – 18 October 2007. The chapters are arranged in three themati...

Containing Iran

Since the 1979 Revolution in Iran and the end of a close relationship between the US and the Shah, successive American administrations – including the Obama Administration – have tried to contain Iran by various means, particularly sanctions and military threats.Even though President Obama came to office promising to engage Iran, i...

Cultures of Trade

The revival of interest in the Indian Ocean is taking it into the interdisciplinary direction of Cultural Studies. Today, this new scholarship is faced with two major challenges.Firstly, the re-emergence of the economic strength of East and South Asia means new cultural and commercial developments, and secondly there is the challen...

Explaining Financial Scandals

The explosion of the global financial crisis in 2007–08 reignited the urgency to reflect on the origins and causes of financial collapses. As the events in the above period triggered an economic meltdown that is still ongoing, comparisons with the Great Crash of 1929 started to abound. In particular, the externalities that a broad ...

First International Conference on Credit Analysis and Risk Management

This book provides a summary of state-of-the-art methods and research in the analysis of credit. It thereby supplies very useful insights into this vital area of finance that has previously been insufficiently taught and researched in academia. The book, which includes an overview of processes that are utilized for estimating the p...

Investment Portfolio Selection Using Goal Programming

This book provides both practitioners and academics with a scientific approach to portfolio selection using Goal Programming, an approach which is capable as far as is possible of achieving a required set of preferences deemed appropriate by a decision maker. Goal Programming is perhaps the most widely-used approach in the field of...

Islamic Banking and Finance

Islamic finance is founded on principles that constitute the guidelines governing any Islamic economic or financial dealings.Innovative financial engineering today constitutes one of the most critical needs of Islamic financial institutions. It represents the forces that will drive Islamic finance toward continuous growth and effic...

New Developments in Financial Modelling

This volume brings together a variety of issues, methods and market instruments that should prove useful for topics courses, finance and asset management practice, and also foster future research. This collection of contributions is a selected subset of those presented at the XLI Meeting of the EURO Working Group on Financial Model...

Sharing Concerns

This book draws together case analyses of public-private partnerships in four different countries: Australia, France, Romania and Spain. It represents research efforts conducted from December 2007 to November 2012, and it covers a wide range of experiences in planning and implementing public-private partnerships in countries that b...
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