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Financial Economics

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Evaluation of Microfinance Institutions in Varanasi with Special Reference to Client Education

In the last two decades, microfinance has gained growing recognition as an effective tool for improving the quality of life and the living standard of poor and low-income people. Microfinance’s popularity reached a peak when the United Nations declared 2005 the ‘International Year of Microcredit’ and when, one year later, the autho...

Economic Gaps and Crises in South-East Europe

The South-Eastern European Monetary History Network (SEEMHN) brings together the central banks of seven countries in this region (Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Serbia and Albania) to shed light on their respective monetary histories. This book includes presentations made at the 2016 conference of this network, and wil...

Mastering the Credit Processing Mechanism in Mauritius

This book focuses on the credit processing mechanism used in Mauritius. It is widely known that Mauritius uses an inherently bank-based financial system; however, many people are oblivious to the credit processing mechanism in operation. This book addresses such a lack of understanding. It will appeal to a wide range of readers, su...

A Practical Introduction to Day Trading

Many individuals enter financial markets with the objective of earning a profit from capitalizing on price fluctuations. However, many of these new traders lose their money in attempting to do so. The reason for this is often because these new traders lack any fundamental understanding of financial markets, they cannot interpret an...

The Cultural Fabric of the Americas

This collection of essays includes papers presented at the 21st annual Eugene Scassa Mock OAS Conference, an inter-collegiate competition and prestigious academic conference focused on inter-American political systems and the politics, history, and culture of the Americas. The volume includes papers on US-Mexico and Mexico-Spain bu...

Why the Conventional Wisdom about the 2008 Financial Crisis is Still Wrong

Much of what has been heard, read, or taught about the 2008 financial crisis is incorrect. It was not caused by free market capitalism run amok. The crisis was not created by deregulatory zeal. It wasn’t primarily due to greed on Wall Street. The crisis was not simply created by people’s “irrational exuberance” or “animal spirits.”...
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Currencies and Cultures

Why cultures are different can be examined through the multifaceted lens of their currencies, their economic policies, and the very foundations of how money works. Anyone who has traveled abroad immediately senses the cultural differences, even before learning about the language, politics, or history of the people. The tourist is p...

Enhancing and Capturing More Value from the Caribbean Community’s Value Chains

The organization of production processes into a chain of production stages that could be located in different countries, each of which provide a unique advantage, has become a defining characteristic of international trade. Industrial development, the movement of intermediate products, and the trading of final goods and services ar...

Global Agricultural Revolutions, Trade, Policies and Vision

The perceived limits to producing food for a growing global population have been a source of debate and preoccupation for ages. Both experts and the public have been vigilant when regarding the world food situation and outlook. The global agricultural vision has recently moved from eliminating hunger and poverty to a new focus on f...

Basel Accords, Bank Capital and Portfolio Risk Behavior

With the endorsement of the Basel III contracts on the supervision of the banking industry, management of capital buffers throughout the business cycle have attained crucial importance for the reinforcement of financial stability in the banking system. This book departs from previous studies through its focus on developing countrie...

Sustainability as a Trend for Competitiveness Challenges

Defining a future development pathway through the lens of sustainability and competitiveness is a unique trademark of any free market. Going beyond this aspect, this book is an invitation to identify relevant correlations between the circular economy, trade, adaptation to climate change, land degradation neutrality, fair-trade, cor...

A Guide to Financing Mechanisms in International Business Transactions

This book outlines features of international business transactions, and discusses their various associated risks. For the successful completion of an international business transaction, depending on its terms, both parties need access to funds. This text deals with financing mechanisms mainly in the international sale of goods and ...
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