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Picture of From a Heuristic Point of View

From a Heuristic Point of View

Essays in Honour of Carlo Cellucci

Editor(s): Cesare Cozzo, Emiliano Ippoliti

Book Description

How do we get new knowledge? Following the maverick tradition in the philosophy of science, Carlo Cellucci gradually came to the conclusion that logic can only fulfill its role in mathematics, science and philosophy if it helps us to answer this question. He argues that mathematical logic is inadequate and that we need a new logic, framed in a naturalistic conception of knowledge and philosophy – the heuristic conception.

This path from logic to a naturalistic conception of knowledge and philosophy explains the title, From a Heuristic Point of View, which recalls the celebrated collection of essays, From a Logical Point of View, by Willard Van Orman Quine, the father of modern naturalized epistemology. The word ‘heuristic’ points to Cellucci’s favorite theme and the main difference between him and Quine: the emphasis on discovery and building a ‘logic’ for generating new knowledge.

This book is a collection of essays from leading figures in this field who discuss, criticize, or expand on the main topics in Cellucci’s work, dealing with some of the most challenging questions in logic, science and philosophy.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-5649-2
ISBN-10: 1-4438-5649-5
Date of Publication: 01/05/2014
Pages / Size: 295 / A5
Price: £44.99


Emiliano Ippoliti is Assistant Professor of Logic and Theories of Reasoning at Sapienza University of Rome. His main interests are heuristics, the logic of discovery, finance, and problem-solving. He is in the process of writing a book, The Advancement of Knowledge: Data, Hypotheses and Novelty.

Cesare Cozzo is Associate Professor of Logic at Sapienza University of Rome. His research mainly focuses on the relations between the philosophy of logic and mathematics and the theory of meaning. He is the author of Meaning and Argument and Introduzione a Dummett [Introduction to Dummett].