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Picture of From Critique to Action

From Critique to Action

The Practical Ethics of the Organizational World

Editor(s): Nabil Sultan, David Weir
Contributors: Prof. David Weir, Marian Crowley-Henry, Gerard Mars, John Brinkman, Donna Harper, Bob Doherty, Hugo Letiche,
Series: Ethics

Book Description

This book illustrates the application of ethical thinking to business, management and computing. The authors are not professional philosophers but lecturers, researchers and practitioners based at Liverpool Hope University (LHU) and other international institutes, who have a particular approach that will appeal to pedagogic and scholarly interests as well as to more general readers. Some of the authors are faculty colleagues at LHU, others are directly or indirectly connected with it through teaching and/or research cooperation.

At LHU the ethical dimension runs through every aspect of its corporate life; it is embodied in its corporate mission statement that gives its teaching and research a special flavour, touching other people’s lives and professional practice. This book brings together some significant areas of leading edge research and scholarship in the context of engagement with communities of practice, locally, regionally and professionally, with international students, police, teachers, housing managers, ambulance workers, etc. Most of the chapters are based on the practical experience of the contributors but written in an accessible way. There is a strong intercultural and transnational flavour in this book. It is explicitly cross-disciplinary, and will appeal to readers from areas like organization analysis, computer studies and information systems as well as philosophy and ethics.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-2839-0
ISBN-10: 1-4438-2839-4
Date of Publication: 01/04/2011
Pages / Size: 330 / A5
Price: £44.99


Professor David Weir, currently Professor Emeritus at Northumbria University, has had an extremely successful academic career which has included leading four university Business Schools as the Head of the School of Business, Leadership and Enterprise at University Campus Suffolk, Director of the Bradford Management School, Head of the Glasgow University Business School, Dean and Director of the Newcastle Business School, and Dean of the Scottish Business School. He was also Chair of the Association of Business Schools (UK) and is a Visiting Professor for numerous universities including Liverpool Hope University, Lincoln University and Lancaster University. His research interests are in critical management and intercultural management, and are especially concerned with the Middle East; the breakdown in complex socio-technical systems; operational management in the UK since 1914, with special reference to the writings and influence of Nevil Shute; organisational symbolism; space; rhythm; poetry and process.

Dr Nabil Ahmed Sultan is Head of Division of Management, Business and Enterprise at University Campus Suffolk (UCS). Prior to that, he was Award Director of International MBA at the Business School at Liverpool Hope University (LHU). He is a highly regarded academic with a colourful professional career and research background. He spent his early working years in the Arab Gulf region and later headed a UK business. He also worked for the UNDP in Aden and New York before moving into academia in the late 1990s working initially at the University of Liverpool. He has a strong research background and interest in information management, knowledge management, cloud computing, leadership, ethics and the socio-economic developments of the Arabian Peninsula.