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A Global Perspective on Women in Leadership and Work-Family Integration

There are countless books on the market that address the personal challenges and institutional barriers that ambitious female leaders face in the United States. This volume furthers the conversation by comparing the experiences of women in leadership with regards to work-life balance from eight different countries around the globe....

Building Stronger Communities with Children and Families (2nd Edition)

This book highlights key principles emerging from the process of implementing an entire community and government approach to supporting families at risk of vulnerability. Drawing on the expertise of a number of practitioners and researchers, it also examines the efficacy of some of the early intervention and prevention strategies d...

Ergonomic Operational Working Aspects of Forest Machines

Ergonomic forestry issues are extremely complex and multifaceted. The central questions in the ergonomics of forestry machines must also be applied in their development, design and construction processes. As such, it is essential to devote thorough attention to this issue and to carry out detailed analyses of all factors in order t...

The Paradoxical Situation in Carcinogenesis

This volume is dedicated to the ethical problems related to carcinogenesis. It discusses the karyogamic theory in a new light, using new arguments, and considers the prospects of cancer prevention and treatment. The current stage of scientific development fails to answer such questions as: What is a cancer cell? What is its essence...

Understanding the Misunderstood in Emergency, Hospital and Outpatient Care for Special Populations

This powerful, high-yield guidebook sheds crucial light on a rapidly growing and yet underrepresented, vulnerable and unique population of individuals: those who are affected by one or more developmental disabilities.The first section provides background and lays out the medical disease associations and unique physical, emotional a...

Teacher Self-Care

Teachers face many challenges. Despite these, they give much of themselves to their students. This book is about taking care of oneself in simple, yet scientific ways. On an airplane, you are told to put your own oxygen mask on first and the other person’s after that. You cannot assist others unless you are fully ready to go yourse...

A Concise Treatise on Natural Remedies

This volume examines the use of natural remedies in health and disease, blending scientific findings known to operate in the alternative and complementary medicine modalities with those utilized in folklore medicine. It points toward a unified theory that links the development of chronic degenerative diseases with inflammation, and...

The Esoteric Symbolism of Shamanic Trance and Altered States Phenomena

Bringing together extensive research on psychology, psychophysiology and phenomenology of the shamanic trance and altered states of consciousness, this book represents a cross-cultural approach to the study of shamanism. It discusses Buryat shamanism in Siberia in comparison with Buddhist and Hindu Yogic techniques, as well as othe...

A New Approach to Mindfulness

Offering a new and innovative approach to mindfulness using short stories and written for both individuals and groups, this book encourages readers to examine their lives, past, present and future. The 100 stories provided here, written in 25 quartets, ascend from the ‘Base Camp’ of self-awareness, through the various levels of the...

Zero for Parents and Teachers, or (Almost) All You Need to Know about Mathematics for Young Children

Zero for Parents and Teachers, or (Almost) All You Need to Know about Mathematics for Young Children is a book for people who feel nervous or uncertain about teaching maths to young children. If you are anxious and confused about the subject this might just be the book you are looking for!It covers all the basic topics young childr...
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