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Industrial Organization

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Aspects of Tourist Behavior

As in other fields of research, the behaviour of consumers has also received a great deal of attention in tourism research over the past few decades due to its growing importance in the efficient marketing and management of tourism operations. The rapid development of IT applications and the equally swift changes of needs and wants...

Body and Time

Body and Time is an innovative and concise survey of penetrating essays, conceptualizing the body as a physiological system embedded in a social network. In its complex and multilayered structure, it is aligned to and overlaps with other related functions. Contributors to this publication are members of the International Sociologic...

Centres and Peripheries

The essays in this collection explore centre/periphery relationships in journalism on a wide geographical canvas—the British Isles, Europe, North America and Australasia.The authors—academics and journalists—discuss a range of issues including:• Varying news agendas• News agendas and regional/national identities• News agen...

China and the West

The meeting point between China and the West is a striking subject in a wide range of disciplines. This collection scrutinises how China and the West interact in aspects of culture, arts, politics and everyday life. Within a complex web of actors, dimensions, technologies, spaces and social structures, cultural encounters are never...

Computer Processing of Sanskrit Nominal Inflections

Computer Processing of Sanskrit Nominal Inflections: Methods and Implementation is the result of Research and Development (R&D) at the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) level at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. The title of the dissertation was “Machine Recognition and Morphological Analysis of Subanta-Padas.” The work, wh...

"Crouching Tiger"

There are few people who have not heard of the Irish software success story. Once a country whose primary industries were agriculture and manufacturing, Ireland has become a focal point for many multinational corporations setting up major offshore software bases. There has also been strong growth in the indigenous software sector...

Culture of Tobacco

Despite the global outcry against the harmful effects of tobacco products, this crop continues to thrive and has become a major source of income for all associated with its production process. This book presents an informative perspective on the impact of tobacco cultivation on the socio-economic fabric of rural Andhra Pradesh. The...

Digging the Seam

The 1984–5 Miners’ Strike was one of the most important political events in British history. It was a bitter dispute that polarised public opinion, divided nation and families alike, and the results in terms of the destruction of centuries of industrial and cultural tradition are still keenly felt.The social and political consequen...

Digital By-Product Data in Web 2.0

Thanks to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), every action on the Internet nowadays is recorded by digital by-product data: online purchases, tagging friends’ photos, browsing webpages, etc. This unprecedented technological revolution has empowered us with unique abilities to understand not only people’s behaviours, ...

Eelam Online

This book details the potential of computer mediated technologies, particularly the internet, in creating and nurturing political and cultural identities among the widely dispersed “conflict-generated” Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora and traces the engagement of the disapora in Australia with the online media in the struggle for a homela...

How We Are Governed

How We Are Governed explores interdisciplinary relations between communication and politics. It brings together diverse perspectives from the field of Communication and Media Studies, focusing on formal arenas of politics and public policy as well as politics in the broad sense of an informal negotiation of social relations of powe...

Information and Communication Technology and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

The arrival of Information and Communication Technology may play a role in restoring competitiveness, since these technologies are also a factor in relaxing the constraints specific to SMEs. ICT makes a number of services possible in a large range of processes and transactions within and between companies. Internally, ICT applicati...
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