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Information Systems

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Biometric Security

Modern biometrics delivers an enhanced level of security by means of a “proof of property”. The design and deployment of a biometric system, however, hide many pitfalls, which, when underestimated, can lead to major security weaknesses and privacy threats. Issues of concern include biometric identity theft and privacy invasion beca...

Information Technology Ethics

This book focuses on how human interactions with technology and information systems could have important ethical implications for both businesses and society at large. By debating issues such as a law for robots, digital healthcare, and codes of conduct in the educational sector, this volume provides provocative insights which chal...

A Name To Exist

In the Iliad and the Odyssey, song IX, Ulysses chooses the anthroponomy “Nobody” to escape the Cyclops. This onomastic game operates on two levels of meaning: the first referring to the anthroponomical fact, and the second to the lexicon, more specifically, to the common name. Ahead of his time, Ulysses would have surfed the Intern...

E-teaching History

Incorporating Information and Communication Technology tools into the teaching and learning of history has become a common practice worldwide. It is no longer a question of if, but of how to introduce it in the classroom in order to make history education more effective and enjoyable. This book gathers the experiences and reflectio...

First Generation Mainframes

This volume describes several different models of IBM computer systems, characterized by different data representations and instruction sets that strongly influenced computer system architecture in the 1950s and early 1960s. They focused on a common system architecture that allowed peripherals to be used on different systems, albei...

The Distortion Machine

Our diet of online films, music, books and news has created a new type of consumerism; one where virtuality and disposability are on the rise and have become the norm. At the same time, our personal data are mined to ensure our wants and needs are met quickly and efficiently by online robots. With the rise of commercially affordabl...

Problem-Based Learning and Proprioception

Contemporary teaching and learning methods based on cognitive neuroscience deal with such questions as “How do we think?” and “How do we learn?” or “How does the human memory work?”. Innovative approaches in this field tackle the subject of human mentality by connecting discoveries from a range of disciplines that shed light on cog...

Selected Readings in Cybersecurity

This collection of papers highlights the current state of the art of cybersecurity. It is divided into five major sections: humans and information security; security systems design and development; security systems management and testing; applications of information security technologies; and outstanding cybersecurity technology de...

Routes to the Information Revolution

This book is a precise and comprehensive history of the digital computer. It is the first collection of available information about the digital computer, beginning with the philosophical and logical advancements in the early 20th century that led to it. The book explores the histories and stories of the computer, tracing its roots ...

Big Data Analysis Using Machine Learning for Social Scientists and Criminologists

This book provides a detailed description of the entire study process concerning gathering and analysing big data and making observations to develop a crime-prediction model that utilizes its findings. It offers an in-depth discussion of several processes, including text mining, which extracts useful information from online documen...

The Language of Art and Cultural Heritage

Communicating art and cultural heritage has become a crucial and challenging task, since these sectors, together with tourism heritage, represent a key economic resource worldwide. In order to activate this economic and social potential, art and cultural heritage need to be disseminated through effective communicative strategies. A...

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Mixed Reality has been part of our lives ever since we first started to dream of creative ways to comprehend information and concepts through actual and imaginative experiences. This book explores the latest research informing education design in virtual and augmented reality. By utilising numerous studies and examples, it describe...
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