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Labor and Demographic Economics

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6th International Finance Conference on Financial Crisis and Governance

Financial markets, the banking system, and the real estate, commodity and energy markets have, since 2007, been experiencing higher integration, more volatility and have undergone several shocks. More coordination is needed between G20 and market authorities. Regulators, banking supervision agencies and politicians are worried abou...

Culture of Tobacco

Despite the global outcry against the harmful effects of tobacco products, this crop continues to thrive and has become a major source of income for all associated with its production process. This book presents an informative perspective on the impact of tobacco cultivation on the socio-economic fabric of rural Andhra Pradesh. The...

Female Labour Force Participation and Economic Development in West Papua

This volume includes a considerable amount of material to provide a clear structure to a most wide-ranging and complex set of materials concerning female labour in West Papua. This is one of the most innovative and useful books published about the female labour supply in developing countries in recent years. This book provides an e...

Labour Markets at a Crossroads

The European labour market models are at a crossroads. Almost all Western European countries have experienced a lack of job creation, productivity and growth for an extended period of time. There is a problem of unemployment overall, but most urgently for the young, for immigrants and for the disabled. There is a clear need for ref...

Tackling Youth Unemployment

Youth have always had higher unemployment rates – about twice or more than the average – as they are usually the last to be hired in an expansion and the first to be let go in a recession. In addition, young people engage in extensive job searching in their early years, and this can imply considerable job churning as both youth and...

The Future of Post-Human Sexuality

What precisely resides in “sexuality” which warrants the popular discourse on sexuality as “part of our world freedom,” or something as an inspiring source for “our own creation” of “new forms of relationships” or “new forms of love” never before possible in human history? This popular treatment of sexual freedom has become so poli...

Workers' Cooperatives

The present book is an outcome of a seminar which focused on finding out the possibilities of rethinking socialism in terms of workers’ socialism vs. state socialism (or more broadly, workers’ and peasants’ socialism vs. state managed socialism) which has been so well analysed by many scholars such as David Lane and Evan Luard. Sch...

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Poverty Reduction in Africa

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Poverty Reduction in Africa addresses the vital question of why the millions of dollars of governments’ and international development interventions in the SMEs sector are yet to deliver significant and sustainable employment and poverty reduction in Africa. The book also addresses the q...

South Asian Migration

International migration is a dynamic global phenomenon that has been drawing increasing attention from both scholars and policymakers over the last few decades. It is particularly relevant to South Asia, since the region is a vast source of “sojourner” migrant labour, as well as home to permanent immigrant and diaspora communities....

Technological Innovation and the Effect of the Employment on the EU Countries

Innovation and employment can be a good marriage. Following on from an analysis of the classical economists, the author challenges the old paradigm of ‘innovation means unemployment’, which has dominated the economic debate for centuries. Is it possible to promote technological change as well as innovation and employment? At what p...

Cliché and Organization

Organizations are caught in clichés. This means that they do not think for themselves anymore, but rather simply copy pre-existing ideas. This is giving rise to a world which pretends to be knowable, predictable and mouldable, one in which clichés like efficiency, transparency, means-ends rationality, and the strong leader are used...

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Corporate Social Responsibility

This book explores the differences between extrinsic and intrinsic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The former is driven by an assumed positive relationship between CSR activities and financial performance, while the latter stems from a moral duty. These differences can be both banal and profound, because they often depend on...
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