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Language and Linguistics

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Applying Language Science to Language Pedagogy

This book establishes a bridge between current research in Linguistics and Psycholinguistics and language pedagogy in the classroom. It reformulates the debates about teaching approaches by calling the reader’s attention to discoveries about the structure of grammar, the universals of language, mind processes while comprehending, p...

Applying Theory and Research to Learning Japanese as a Foreign Language

Complex issues surround second language acquisition and foreign language learning in any language. There is no doubt that individuals are capable of acquiring two or more languages at different stages of human development, particularly in childhood. Research investigating how adults acquire two languages also carries important insi...

Arbitration Awards

This volume focuses on arbitration awards as a discursive genre and draws on the results of research on the discourses of international commercial arbitration conducted within the framework of an international project (“International Commercial Arbitration Practices: A Discourse Analytical Study”) setting out to explore the hypothe...

Around the Point

Around the Point is a unique collection that brings to readers the works of almost thirty scholars dealing with Jewish literature in various Jewish and non-Jewish languages, such as Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, French, Italian, German, Hungarian, Serbian, Polish, and Russian. Although this volume does not cover all the languages of Jew...

Aspects of Iranian Linguistics

Aspects of Iranian Linguistics introduces readers to recent research into various properties of a number of Iranian languages. The volume consists of twenty chapters that cover a full range of Iranian linguistics, including formal theoretical perspectives (from a syntactic and morphological point of view), typological and functiona...

Aspects of Linguistic Impoliteness

Aspects of Linguistic Impoliteness aims to bring together a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches exploring the notion of “impoliteness” and the usage of impoliteness phenomena in language and discourse per se, instead of simply considering impoliteness as “politeness that has gone wrong”. Impoliteness draws mainl...

Assessing Pragmatic Competence in the Japanese EFL Context

With a focus on intercultural communication between Japanese and Americans, this book describes how differing listening styles and conversational behaviours across cultures can negatively influence intercultural communication. Responding to the many calls for studies examining the teachability of listener responses in the language ...

Assimilation and Subversion in Earlier American Literature

Assimilation and Subversion in Earlier American Literature is a collection of essays that explores the complex interplay between dominance and oppression. Spanning the “long” early American period, the collection considers texts written from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries. Native Americans, Puritan ministers and ...
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A Theory of Literary Explication

This book presents current multidisciplinary research and theory from 17 different fields (most of them never before applied to literary explication) in order to provide (1) justification for the practice of a relative-probability type of explication as distinguished from interpretation, (2) a relativistic foundation for the prefer...

Automatic Processing of Various Levels of Linguistic Phenomena

Every year since 2002, the linguistic development environment NooJ has been enhanced with new online features that allow social scientists to develop new applications and explore new domains. The 2011 conference was no exception and the arrival of v3.0 has brought many more features and a new range of applications, from the analysi...

a Wilderness of Signs

While it is clear that postmodernism was a much-needed shift in thinking—a concerted movement to displace naturalized “grand narratives” and power-stacked claims to reason, order, and justice—postmodernism has evaded address of elements integral to the condition(s) of being human: ethics, beauty, value, and judgment. And although s...

Barbarians at the Gate

The study of language attitudes is the investigation of beliefs expressed about the nature of language and its diverse usages, how these attitudes came to exist and persist, and how these attitudes shape social action and policy. Language attitude studies have illuminated our understanding of racial issues, social and economic stra...
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