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Language and Linguistics

Cambridge Scholars Publishing has a wide range of titles in the broad fields of Language and Linguistics, ranging from titles on the study of language (in the fields of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics), to more specialised and interdisciplinary fields, including historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, ethnolinguistics, dialectology, computational linguistics and neurolinguistics.

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Change of Object Expression in the History of French

This comprehensive case study of a systematic shift in object expression provides insight into the construal of a class of two-place activity verbs in the history of French and proposes that a change in the prepositional system underlies the shift.The book focuses on nineteen verbs of helping and hindering whose single internal obj...

Children, Their Schools and What They Learn on Beginning Primary School

This research is a pioneering study in comparative education in the context of Cameroon in particular, and Africa in general, which highlights present-day school and classroom instances of language socialisation as instantiating Anglophone and Francophone education traditions in their representation of the British and French educat...

CLIL in Spain

“This book makes a significant and very timely contribution to furthering professional understanding of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). The first part brings together the outcomes of CLIL implementation initiatives in different educational sectors in Spain which reflect regional possibilities and priorities. The se...


Dealing with the concepts of inclusion and exclusion encoded linguistically, both implicitly and explicitly, this book develops an original framework for the analysis of these phenomena in political discourse. The approach taken situates political discourse in a broader context of social and psychological relations between groups a...

Cognitive Approaches to English

The present volume contains a selection of papers presented at the conference Cognitive Approaches to English, an international event organized to mark the 30th anniversary of English studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University, Osijek, which was held in Osijek on October 18–19, 2007. The participants w...

Cognitive Dynamics in Linguistic Interactions

In the era of globalization, issues of international and intercultural communication in different professional areas become even more acute. There is a growing demand to increase the efficiency of higher learning educational programs, called upon to enhance second or foreign language communicative competence of would-be specialists...

Cognitive Linguistics between Universality and Variation

“This volume takes up the challenge of assessing the present state of Cognitive Linguistics on the cutting edge between universality and variability. Claims of universality have never been explicitly articulated by cognitive linguists but studies on embodiment, motivation and cognitive processes such as metaphor, metonymy, and conc...

Cognitive Linguistics in Critical Discourse Analysis

In contemporary linguistics, both cognitive and critical approaches to language have been elaborated in some detail. Unfortunately, the two perspectives have seldom converged, despite the potential theoretical advances such collaboration offers. The contributions to this volume explore the convergence of cognitive and critical tre...
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Cognitive Modeling in Linguistics

Created as intercultural and interdisciplinary, conferences of the series “Cognitive Modeling in Linguistics” have been successfully held since 1998. Over the years, CML has visited a number of countries, attracting more and more scientists from all over the world and thus broadening the scope of its topics.The conference has worke...

Coherence and Cohesion in Spoken and Written Discourse

Coherence and Cohesion in Spoken and Written Discourse provides new insights into the various ways coherence works in a wide spread of spoken and written text types and interactional situations, all of which point to the dynamics and subjectivity of its nature. Despite the variety of approaches the authors adopt, they share an unde...

Collaborative Writing as Inquiry

Collaborative Writing as Inquiry is a new and overdue contribution to the recently burgeoning literature on writing as a branch of qualitative inquiry. The book places a diversity of approaches to collaborative writing alongside each other, and explores these methods and the spaces between them as critical arts-based inquiry practi...

Collected Articles of the IInd International Linguistics Conference (Taganrog, Russia)

This book is a collection of articles which were presented at the II-nd International Linguistic Conference in Taganrog, Russia. The most interesting and the most important ideas and researches are represented. The book consists of five parts: Historical linguistics, Lexicology, Grammar, Pragmatics, Ethnolinguistics and Translation...
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