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Language and Linguistics

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Mind, Body, and Consciousness in Society

This book explores the nature of learning and development in the philosophy of phenomenological structuralism, which represents an effort to resolve the structure/agency problematic of the social sciences within structurationist sociological theory. Through the analysis and critique of structurationist sociology, the book outlines ...

My Utopia

Why would we think of utopia? Utopian thoughts are necessary to instigate social change. Without a utopian vision, something inspiring, there is no chance of social development, and the more transparent the vision, the higher the chance of its achievement. The significance of utopian thought in the contemporary world is undeniable....

Totalitarian (In)Experience in Literary Works and Their Translations

This book explores the different images of totalitarianism in 20th century literature and the capacity of the theory of Natural Semantic Metalanguage to be adopted in a comparative literary study in the analysis of four totalitarian literary works written in Polish and English, together with their translation into English and Polis...
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Linguistic Issues and Quality Assessment of English-Arabic Audiovisual Translation

Due to a dearth of academic references in the area of English-Arabic audiovisual translation (AVT), this book represents a unique resource, in that it explores dubbing and subtitling into Arabic, a topic hardly discussed among academics both in the Arab world and worldwide. The book starts with some linguistic and audiovisual backg...

Early 21st-Century Power Struggles of Chinese Languages Teaching in US Higher Education

This book exclusively focuses on visible and under-the-table power struggles with regards to aspects of communities, connections, cultures, and communication related to Chinese language teaching in US higher education in the past two decades. As long as there are diverse communities in a society, conflicts between different groups ...

Icelandic Studies on Diversity and Social Justice in Education

The educational systems of the Nordic countries are based on a common set of fundamental values, such as democracy, social justice and inclusion. However, when it comes to the treatment of diversity, especially in education, many issues remain unresolved. This edited volume presents Icelandic research on the challenges and opportun...

Problems of and Perspectives on Language Acquisition

This volume brings together a selection of articles about research conducted on language acquisition in the Baltic States, in Latvia and Lithuania; a field which has witnessed massive growth in recent years. It will stimulate the reader to ask questions, think of solutions, argue and propose counterarguments with regards to languag...

Learning Spaces for Inclusion and Social Justice

This edited volume emanates from a Nordic research project which was conducted in Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden in 2013-2015. The main objective of the project was to draw lessons from success stories of individual immigrant students and whole school communities at different levels that have succeeded in developing learning c...

Formal Dialectics

Why do the attempts we make to explain the world around us fall short? Arguments for or against the existence of God, the question of free will, and even Principia Mathematica are all examples of explanations that look solid from some points of view, but which have serious weaknesses from other perspectives. This book explores the ...
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Parables and Riddles in Ancient and Modern Teaching

This book is about the difference between parables and riddles, and between different views and definitions of wisdom and various attitudes towards the possibility of its attainment. Both parables and riddles go beyond a simple rote presentation of facts, which may become tedious and likely to be tuned out or rejected. However, the...
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Selected Studies on Social Sciences

This collection of essays explores educational issues confronting educators and researchers from various disciplines. They are grouped into four sections, with the first, “Business Economics and Management”, discussing concepts such as contemporary urban theories, multiculturalism and the informal economy. The second section, “Ling...

The Flaneur in Nineteenth-Century British Literary Culture

The flaneur is a cultural and literary phenomenon usually associated with nineteenth–century Paris, but the type also exists in the artistic and literary panorama of other major European capitals, such as London, Berlin, and Moscow. Despite massive recent interest in the figure of the flaneur in scholarly studies, analyses about th...
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