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Language and Linguistics

Cambridge Scholars Publishing has a wide range of titles in the broad fields of Language and Linguistics, ranging from titles on the study of language (in the fields of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics), to more specialised and interdisciplinary fields, including historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, ethnolinguistics, dialectology, computational linguistics and neurolinguistics.

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Introduction to a Negative Approach to Argumentation

This work deals with argumentation in philosophy. In the “affirmative” view of argumentation, each party thinks it is right while all other positions are wrong; argumentation is seen as guided by a set of rules that should lead to the resolution of the dispute in favor of one party. This book advances a critique of such an approach...

Marriage Seen through Proverbs and Anti-Proverbs

This book explores various aspects of marriage and the ways it is viewed and conceptualized in the body of Anglo-American anti-proverbs (or proverb transformations). It also depicts those who contribute to the institution of marriage (that is, husbands and wives), and analyses their nature, qualities, attributes and behaviours as r...

Native-speakerism in English Language Teaching

This book is the first systematic, large-scale study of the current situation of native-speakerism in the realm of China’s English Language Teaching (ELT). By extending the semantic scope of native-speakerism initially defined by Adrian Holliday, the book offers a critical examination of how this language ideology is enacted, repro...

Rethinking Presuppositions

This innovative volume proposes an overturning in the study of presuppositions. Beginning with a critical discussion of the most influential approaches, both in linguistics and philosophy, it shows that mainstream debate has not actually studied presuppositions, but rather the means to make presuppositions. In order to overcome thi...

Semiotics and Visual Communication III

The chapters in this book consist of selected papers that were presented at the 3rd International Conference and Poster Exhibition on Semiotics and Visual Communication at the Cyprus University of Technology in November 2017. They investigate the theme of the third conference, “The Semiotics of Branding”, and look at branding and b...

Communicating English in Specialised Domains

This volume is dedicated to Maurizio Gotti, in honour of his long and noteworthy academic career. Having served as Full Professor of History of the English Language and of English Language and Translation for more than two decades at the University of Bergamo, Italy, Gotti made significant contributions to multiple areas of study i...

Conceiving Migration and Communication in a Global Perspective

Migration and communication are issues of major concern in today’s world. This volume examines diversified approaches to migration and communication, and explores policy dialogues, migration governance, transnationalism, cross-border circular migration and many other viewpoints of importance today. It sheds lights on recent debates...

Contrastive Phraseology

This volume is addressed to researchers in the field of phraseology, and to teachers, translators and lexicographers. It is a collection of essays offering a comprehensive, modern analysis of phrasemes, embracing a wide range of subjects and themes, from linguistic, both applied and theoretical, to cultural aspects. The contrastive...

Education and Society in the Middle East and North Africa

In the past, the Middle East and the so-called Muslim world used to be beacons of learning and critical thought. Although historical variables—such as conquest, internal conflict, and colonization—demoted their position on the global stage, changes are now in the offing. In these interesting times, a growing number of educators, th...

English as a Foreign Language

This book introduces the reader to the ongoing research on teaching English as a foreign language and highlights recent trends in theories of acquisition, teaching and development of communication and intercultural skills. As English as a third language is increasingly recognised as a common world reality, research around this part...

Exile and Return as Poetics of Identity in Contemporary Anglo-Caribbean Literature

In contemporary Anglo-Caribbean literature, the dialectic interrelations of “exile” and “return” are essential for conveying meta-reflections on literature and language, as well as the role they play in the construction of personal and collective identities. While this volume focuses on the specificity of a cultural area whose hist...

Explorations in Humor Studies

Working towards a multifaceted debate on humor and related phenomena, this book is a comprehensive reflection of the contributors’ shared interest in various dimensions of humor and its manifold applications. It is composed of a selection of writings that provide important insights into language used for humorous purposes. Theoreti...
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