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Language and Linguistics

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The Iliad of Homer, Books I-XII (Volume 1)

“Sing, Goddess, of the wrath of Pēleús’ sonAkhilleús, the accursed wrath that causedAkhaíans countless woes and hurled headlongTo Hāḯdēs a host of heroes’ soulsAnd left their bodies spoil for dogs and allThe birds of carrion. The will of ZeúsWas brought to pass from when Agamémnōn,The Lord of men, opposed the consummateAkhilleús. W...

The Iliad of Homer, Books XIII-XXIV (Volume 2)

“The people took the bones, enwrapped them withSoft purple robes, and laid them down withinA golden urn, to place it in a hollowKist of stone, and cover it aboveWith close-set rocks and earth to make a mound....When they had raised the moundOf earth above the grave, they went back toThe city and assembled for a splendid Banquet in ...

A Discourse Perspective on Bunreacht na hÉireann

Constitutions tell us something about the shared values cherished by nations who adopt them. By reason of their significance for the countries where they are in force, constitutional texts may be approached from various perspectives, including political science and legal theory. In this book, a different angle is taken on the matte...

Explorations of Chinese Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

This volume explores the implications of Chinese for linguistic theory building and for the field of second language acquisition. Bringing together selected papers from the first International Symposium on Chinese Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, it sheds light upon under-documented topics in a variety of areas within theoretic...

Language and Culture in the Intercultural World

The intensification of contacts between cultures and languages has a major impact on all social spheres today. Multiculturalism and multilingualism are important elements of the local, regional, national and global community. Much of the world’s conflict stems from the contrast between globalization and nationalism, fuelled by reli...

Language through Translation

Characterization is a vital issue in creative and imaginative writing for children. Within a communicative framework of systemic functional linguistics, this book reveals how the fantasy characterization is construed in the SL text, and how it is constructed and distorted in the Chinese translation, based on a description and inter...

Literature and the Arts since the 1960s

This collection of essays focuses on addressing the imaginative wake of the rebellious late 1960s, with a particular, but not exclusive, focus on word-and-image relations. The volume showcases and discusses the impact of such processes on literature and the arts of that mythologized historical period. It explores the impact of its ...

Verb and Object Order in the History of English

This study takes up the challenge posed by the reanalysis of Verb-Object order as the basic one in the history of English; the question, which has been debated for over thirty years, is tackled here by combining a qualitative and quantitative investigation with current linguistic theories, shedding new light on the phenomenon. It introduces new evidence in favour of a universal base order, by exploring the syntax of both Old English and Early Middle English and the information structural and prosodic properties of objects. It also considers the philological history of the texts examined, highlighting how this aspect should not be neglected in a diachronic linguistic study. As such, this book provides new data for scholars working in the field of English linguistics, as well as students and linguists interested in language change at the interface between syntax, information structure and prosody.
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