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Corporations Have Almost as Many Constitutional Rights as Individuals

This book, which will be of interest to teachers, students and scholars of constitutional and business law, explains how, over the past 225 years, US Supreme Court decisions have enshrined corporations with fundamental constitutional rights and transformed those rights from individual freedoms to corporate entitlements. This is a f...

Contemporary Challenges to Human Rights Law

This collection of essays highlights the many problems and challenges facing human rights law today. Bringing together academics, practitioners and NGOs, it examines some of the contemporary challenges facing human rights law and practice in England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, France and America. It is clear that we...

An Analysis of the Role of Cycling in Sustainable Urban Mobility

This book analyses the reasons why cycling is returning to cities around the world as an essential element in solving and overcoming the crisis of the dominant car-centric model of urban mobility, with its known adverse consequences of congestion, pollution and urban space consumption. It argues that it is not possible to solve thi...

A Handbook on Discretion in Public Procurement

This handbook details an EU case law approach to the concept of discretionary eligibility within the context of public procurement. It provides examples from the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in order to provide insights into applicable discretionary power on the part of the contracting authorit...

Information Systems in Healthcare

This book looks at the pressing issue of the contribution of information systems (IS) to the healthcare field. It examines the potential of IS to change management processes in complex organizations, before addressing more specific concerns relating to the healthcare domain. It then looks at the increasing demand for accountability...

The Realities of Policing Diverse Communities from Minority and Police Perspectives

From the mid-1990s onwards, Ireland experienced unprecedented growth levels in immigration from around the world, prompted by the country’s changing economic fortunes. In turn, the people of a very small and conservative country saw the rapid development of diverse minorities in their midst, especially in the capital, Dublin.From a...

Pedagogical Approaches to Intercultural Competence Development

Globalization has triggered an increased need to extend linguistic and cultural awareness into action from our daily encounters to our professional interactions. As our communities continuously grow into linguistically and culturally rich environments, so, too, should our pedagogical and research approaches. Specifically, this volu...

Coast Guards and International Maritime Law Enforcement

This book explores various aspects of the roles and responsibilities of coast guards, which are increasingly becoming significant today, and sheds light on their authority and limitations in the course of maritime law enforcement. It is unique in its unraveling of all facets of coast guards, focusing on their law enforcement author...

Current Issues in Administrative Law

This volume brings together papers presented at the Ninth International Conference “Perspectives of Business Law in the Third Millennium”, held at Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania, on 8th November 2019. It is divided into three sections: “Reconfiguration of administrative law from the perspective of redefining soci...

Recognition of Kafala in the Italian Law System from a Comparative Perspective

The provision of Islamic kafala has no legal correspondence with secularised political systems and structures, and, as a result, requires a proper understanding of the legislative measures that are indispensable for the protection of the weakest groups of society, at least when the latter turn out to be mostly vulnerable or abandon...

Trade Union Powers

This book analyses trade unions’ capacities of resistance following the period of austerity and “bailout crisis” in Portugal (2011-2015). Considering the destructive impacts of those policies on the working class and their unions, it explores three case studies in three productive sectors: the metal sector (Autoeuropa/VW); the tele...

Civil Liberties in Real Life

This volume brings together eight US authors breaking new ground with multidisciplinary perspectives and an exciting range of real-life topics concerning the central question, ‘What is civil liberty?’ The contributions here dive into freedom of speech, religious freedom, freedom of assembly, and much more, examining how and why mar...
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