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Diaries of a Forgotten Parent

Diaries of a Forgotten Parent: Divorced Dads on Fathering Through and Beyond Divorce opens an intimate window on the lives of divorced men. Literature on divorce focuses primarily on its effects on women and children, but fair and personal accounts of the lived experiences of custodial and non-custodial fathers are less available. ...
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Disability and Medieval Law

Disability and Medieval Law: History, Literature and Society is an intervention in the growing and complex field of medieval disability studies. The size of the field and the complexity of the subject lend themselves to the use of case studies: how a particular author imagines an injury, how a particular legal code deals with (and ...

Disclosing a Value System in a Living Will Could be in Your Best Interests

This book raises the question of whether the values or value system of a competent person, when they have been disclosed in a living will, could play a role in medical treatment decision-making processes under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.The investigation seeks to address a contemporary issue in medical law that directly or indire...

EU Energy Law

The aim of this book is to present the most relevant legal constraints resulting from the implementation of the Third Energy Liberalisation Package. The research investigates legal shortfalls of new EU legislation from the day-to-day business perspective. By comparing and contrasting former and present EU rules and their implementa...


Following the entry into force of the Treaty of Amsterdam on 1 May 1999 and the European Council at Tampere in October 1999, the European Union committed itself to developing a common policy on immigration and asylum to ensure more effective management of migration flows to the EU. From 2001 to 2005, Directives were introduced by t...

Gender Power and Mediation

This book investigates the practice of family mediation and some of the challenges that may hinder its effective use by marginalised groups in a society. Those challenges include gendered power disparity and family violence, especially towards women, and the discussion extends to how the challenges can be overcome through a practic...

How American Politics Works

American politics is criticized and belittled by media critics and the public, yet the system is held out as a model for the world. The paradox of this simultaneous cynicism and adulation is rooted in the conflict between the human motives that drive politics. Crisply and clearly written with numerous historical examples, How Amer...
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Human Rights and Diverse Societies

Over sixty years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it has been widely observed that human rights resonate differently in various settings. This book addresses the timely and important question of how to understand human rights in a world of increasing diversity. The effects of globalization and the increasing mobilit...

International Interplay

Are international tribunals heading towards greater sovereignty or towards greater liberalisation of property rights? Can we glean specific deductions from prevailing cases outside the expropriation arena? How can we justifiably extrapolate principles from international investment arbitration before modifying and applying these les...

John Locke and the Native Americans

Since the 1990s, the relation between liberalism and colonialism has been one of the most important issues in Locke studies and also in the field of modern political thought. This present work is a unique contribution to discussion of this issue in that it elucidates Locke’s concept of the law of nature and his view of war.Locke’s ...

Judicial Activism in Bangladesh

This book critically examines the evolving global trend of judicial activism with particular reference to Bangladesh. It constructs judicial activism as a golden-mean adjudicative technology, standing between excessive judicial assertion and unacceptable judicial passivity that may leave injustices un-redressed. It argues that judi...

Jurisprudence of International Criminal Justice

Introduction written by Professor Benjamin B FerenczThis challenging volume examines the jurisprudence of international criminal justice from various points of view. The philosophy of justice may vary from time to time and from nation to nation, depending on prevailing attitudes towards the substantive rules which deal, in one way ...
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