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Justice Connections

Former High Court judge of Australia, the Hon Michael Kirby, AC, CMG, in addressing the symposium that has evolved into this book, stressed the need for vigilance in the pursuit and protection of justice. Justice Connections is evidence of such vigilance. The book is a veritable smorgasbord of subjects – violence against women, Ind...

Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Recessionary Times

This volume includes a number of papers written in English and published in the last fifteen years in which the Italian labour market faced many changes. The book not only provides the international readership with a frame of reference – in both conceptual and legal terms – that helps to appreciate the Italian Labour Law currently ...

Labour Regulation in the 21st Century

The economic crisis has highlighted major shortcomings in the EU flexicurity strategy which, although suitable to tackle structural unemployment in a period of economic growth, it proved unable to stand the impact of the recession, which requires specific measures to maintain employment. Against this background, the authors of the ...

Language and Law in Professional Discourse

This book provides insights into the ways in which legal professionals participate in their day-to-day activities, and critically focuses on how language is used and exploited in everyday professional discourse. It is organised into two parts dealing with topic areas of legal discourse (written and spoken) relevant to professional ...


One might ask why the Soviet Union so adamantly promoted the definition of aggression and aggressive war while, as many have noted, conducting military actions that appeared to violate the very definition they espoused in international treaties and conventions. Lawfare: Use of the Definition of Aggressive War by the Soviet and Russ...

Misapplying Globalization

In the space of only a few years, the Jordanian legal system was transformed from an Ottoman-era regime which made few provisions for intellectual property rights to one which incorporated all the provisions of TRIPS. The TRIPS principles, designed to protect the interests of multinational media and technology companies, thereby be...

Natural Law

Modern moral and political philosophy is in debt with natural law theory, both in its ancient and mediaeval elaborations. While the very notion of a natural law has proved highly controversial among 20th Century scholars, the last decades have witnessed a renewed interest in it. Indeed, the threats and challenges as result of multi...

Nigerian Legal Methods

This text is a collection of writings on assigned topics by some scholars and lecturers in the Faculty of Law at Benson Idahosa University and those invited from outside the university. The idea to write a text for use in the study of legal methods for law students was borne out of the desire to present a range of updated material ...

Outer Space Development, International Relations and Space Law

It is the eve of outer space development, but few people are aware of this. In the absence of awareness, people cannot prepare for the opportunities that will arise; and so the vast wealth likely to flow to Earth from outer space will cause ever-greater inequality and instability in our already unequal and unstable world.This book ...

Palestine Membership in the United Nations

This book aims to bridge the scientific gap that exists with regard to Palestine’s membership of the UN as a State. As international law cannot operate outside the context of the global political atmosphere, the book focuses on the international legal dimension as well as the political/practical aspects of UN statehood recognition....

Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Human Rights

The material contained in this publication is the outcome of the 8th International Conference on Human Rights "Right to Knowledge and Information in Heterogenic Society", organized by the Faculty of Law and Administration in the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Poland), in cooperation with the Faculty of Law in the Unive...

Productivity, Investment in Human Capital and the Challenge of Youth Employment

From an international and comparative perspective, young people’s access to the labour market is a complex issue with certain contradictory aspects reflecting the level of development of labour law and industrial relations in their respective countries. In the most advanced economies, there has been a steady increase in the age at ...
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