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Tackling Youth Unemployment

Youth have always had higher unemployment rates – about twice or more than the average – as they are usually the last to be hired in an expansion and the first to be let go in a recession. In addition, young people engage in extensive job searching in their early years, and this can imply considerable job churning as both youth and...

Talcott Parsons on Law and the Legal System

One of the great ironies in contemporary sociology of law is that despite Talcott Parsons’s enormously influential role as “the midwife of modern sociology,” coupled with his three decades of focused and sustained analysis of the legal system’s location in a total and complex society, it is nothing short of appalling that his parti...
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The African Human Rights Judicial System

This book deals with two interconnected yet often forgotten realities of the constitutional order in Africa: first, the ‘foreign affairs power’ that gives the specific organs of the State the capacity to create and empower universal, regional and sub-regional governance and judicial structures. Secondly, the ‘international judicial...

The Case against Christ

Some two thousand years ago, in a small province of the Roman Empire, an obscure Roman governor ordered the execution of a peasant leader. It went virtually unnoticed at the time. No official report of the event has survived, and we would have no memory at all of it except for the efforts of a handful of followers of the condemned ...

The Family and the Nation

Until recently, migration policies primarily targeted labour migrants and asylum seekers. Family migration was taken for granted. But now, many nations are restricting family migration, particularly from poorer countries. The Netherlands have even gone so far as to require family migrants to pass an integration test before being al...

The Future of Post-Human Mass Media

Why should mass media be informational and accurate as much as its proponents would claim—and, conversely, disinformational and propagandistic as much as its critics would argue? Contrary to the conventional wisdom held by many since the modern era of mass media, neither of the two opposing views is correct, to the extent that a t...

The Impact of Legislation and Regulation on the Freedom of Movement of Capital in Estonia, Poland and Latvia

One of the fundamental freedoms of the European Union’s Internal Market is the free movement of capital. National barriers to the cross-border movement of capital and payments are prohibited, not only between Member States of the Union, but also between these States and third countries. The book investigates to what extent Estonia,...

The Impact of the UK Temporary Employment Industry in Assisting Agency Workers since the Year 2000

Temporary agency work has been a central topic of employment discourse in recent years, and the flexible working arrangements it can provide individuals and organisations has served to increase this attention in the current economic climate. Temporary employment agencies can provide organisations with fast access to potential staff...

The Jurisprudence of Lord Denning

The Jurisprudence of Lord Denning: A Study in Legal History consists of three volumes:Fiat Justitia: Lord Denning and the Common Law; The Last of England: Lord Denning’s Englishry and the Law and Freedom under the Law: Lord Denning as Master of the Rolls, 1962–1982. Each volume considers a different aspect of Lord Denning’s jurispr...

The Last Political Law Lord

2009 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of John Andrew Hamilton, Viscount Sumner (1859-1934), one of the greatest of English judges. His trenchant rulings, characterized by deep learning, wisdom and lucidity, and delivered with rare literary distinction and wit, are cited with respect and admiration as classics of the Common ...

The Medical Device Industry

The Medical Device industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Device manufacturers are producing increasingly sophisticated and complex medical device software to differentiate themselves in the battle for dominance in this sector. The increase in the complexity of medical device software has introduced new c...

The Problematic Structure of Management of Co-Owned Properties in Turkish Law and Pursuance of Solutions

This book provides a critical evaluation of the statutory framework for co-ownership regulations in Turkish law and it acquaints Turkish jurists with the existence of trust of land in English law. It is posited upon the argument that solutions to the problems observed in the administration and enjoyment of co-owned properties in Tu...
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