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Cambridge Scholars Publishing's diverse collection of Law books offer applied works alongside legal history analyses and legal discourse studies. Presenting some of the best law books recently published, titles explore legislative and regulatory frameworks, giving valuable context and recommendations for use in practice. With a strong focus on regionally focused and comparative law research, our law titles will be of interest to those in business as well as anyone studying law.

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Back to Maastricht

European integration has long defied previous notions of state sovereignty and has since the days of the Coal and Steel Community been conferred with original supranational instruments. Yet the Treaty of Rome did not raise the same popular reactions as the Maastricht Treaty about the infringement of national sovereignty. This book ...

Children and Armed Conflict

At a time of escalating global conflict and instability, this book examines international efforts to protect children from the effects of war and armed conflict through the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), especially article 38, and the Convention’s Optional Protocol on the involvement of Children in Armed Conflict (OPA...

Citizenship in Transition

The revolutions and protests arising from the Arab Spring, combined with the establishment of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, challenged dominant ideas about what people in the Middle East expect from their governments. At the same time, a new wave of migration has been created, once again showing how the local, regional and g...

Civil Law Studies

The glacier of Ancient Vedic wisdom flowed down the Himalayan Kailash and watered the Hindu philosophy. The Shrutis (that which was heard) and the Smritis (that which was remembered) reflected this Vedic wisdom. Thinkers and philosophers of the time expressed their thoughts in prosaic Dharmasutras and later on in more refined po...
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