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Cambridge Scholars Publishing's diverse collection of Law books offer applied works alongside legal history analyses and legal discourse studies. Presenting some of the best law books recently published, titles explore legislative and regulatory frameworks, giving valuable context and recommendations for use in practice. With a strong focus on regionally focused and comparative law research, our law titles will be of interest to those in business as well as anyone studying law.

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Comparative Law in Eastern and Central Europe

Comparative law is a research methodology which has been increasingly fashionable in recent decades, as comparisons between common law and civil law have dominated the law studies landscape. There are many methods of comparative law in use, including comparison of legal rules, comparison of cases, and comparison of legal theories. ...

Confessing the International Rights of Children

Within the sphere of law, it is the recognition of its subjects – women, men, children and private or public entities – which has been the most prominent facet of national, regional or international relations. The dominance of the question of recognition has led to the development of the law and the maintenance of its provisions. O...

Criminal Papers

Throughout the nineteenth century, shady characters appear in French writings from one end of the literary spectrum to another. While Paris gleams through the night, the City of Lights has a darker underside with its own infrastructure, its own rules and traditions – and its own literature. In the shadows of the capital, thieves, m...

Democracy, Ecological Integrity and International Law

Democracy, Ecological Integrity and International Law is the latest product of research by the Global Ecological Integrity Group (, an organisation that has been meeting annually since 1992 to discuss scientific, philosophical, political and legal aspects of ecological integrity.This collection examines v...
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