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Cambridge Scholars Publishing's diverse collection of Law books offer applied works alongside legal history analyses and legal discourse studies. Presenting some of the best law books recently published, titles explore legislative and regulatory frameworks, giving valuable context and recommendations for use in practice. With a strong focus on regionally focused and comparative law research, our law titles will be of interest to those in business as well as anyone studying law.

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International Interplay

Are international tribunals heading towards greater sovereignty or towards greater liberalisation of property rights? Can we glean specific deductions from prevailing cases outside the expropriation arena? How can we justifiably extrapolate principles from international investment arbitration before modifying and applying these les...

John Locke and the Native Americans

Since the 1990s, the relation between liberalism and colonialism has been one of the most important issues in Locke studies and also in the field of modern political thought. This present work is a unique contribution to discussion of this issue in that it elucidates Locke’s concept of the law of nature and his view of war.Locke’s ...

Judicial Activism in Bangladesh

This book critically examines the evolving global trend of judicial activism with particular reference to Bangladesh. It constructs judicial activism as a golden-mean adjudicative technology, standing between excessive judicial assertion and unacceptable judicial passivity that may leave injustices un-redressed. It argues that judi...

Jurisprudence of International Criminal Justice

Introduction written by Professor Benjamin B FerenczThis challenging volume examines the jurisprudence of international criminal justice from various points of view. The philosophy of justice may vary from time to time and from nation to nation, depending on prevailing attitudes towards the substantive rules which deal, in one way ...
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