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Library and Information Science

The Cambridge Scholars Publishing collection of Library and Information Science titles encompasses research that reflects the breadth of the discipline. Incorporating scholarly books on information resources management, library and information sciences, as well as specialised encyclopaedic volumes, this collection is a niche but integral part of our publishing portfolio.

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Blockchain in Data Analytics

Blockchain technology facilitates a decentralized database where business is rendered transparent without the involvement of middlemen. The first use of this technology was its application in digital currency (bitcoin). However, other potential uses of blockchain are yet to be explored. It is expected to have a major impact on cybe...

Informational Linguistics

This book offers a systematic and multilayered description of the innovative scientific paradigm of informational linguistics. Today, communication is successful only as far as it is supported by the interpretation, representation and modeling of information. As such, informational knowledge is in high demand, particularly in the f...

Mahatma Gandhi in Cinema

This book analyses 100 years of Hindi cinema, India’s principal film industry, to explore how much space it has given to Mahatma Gandhi, the most prominent leader of the Indian struggle for freedom, and his principles.It compares films on Gandhi with the written literature on him, and juxtaposes the celluloid Gandhi with the man wh...

Empowering the Visibility of Croatian Cultural Heritage through the Digital Humanities

This volume brings together selected papers covering topics related to the contemporary cultural heritage research framework within the field of Digital Humanities (DH). Intended for scholars, students and practitioners, the book provides the reader with insights into the description and access, and digitization of cultural heritag...
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