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Library and Information Science

The Cambridge Scholars Publishing collection of Library and Information Science titles encompasses research that reflects the breadth of the discipline. Incorporating scholarly books on information resources management, library and information sciences, as well as specialised encyclopaedic volumes, this collection is a niche but integral part of our publishing portfolio.

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Pedagogies of Difference and Desire in Professional Learning

Social media form an increasingly important aspect of the lives of professionals in many occupations, both as opportunities to acquire and exchange information and as places to find or create a supportive community. In much of the existing writing on professionals’ use of social media, there is a tendency to adopt either a position...

Methodological Approaches to STEM Education Research Volume 1

This book addresses the constantly changing nature of the methodologies that underpin educational research in mathematics, science, health and environmental education. This is a constantly shifting landscape that educational researchers need to engage with in order for research to continue to impact educational practice. One of the...

Information Resource Science

This book is devoted to a new scientific research area termed ‘Information Resource Science’. The majority of previous publications about information resources are simply a description of new research and developments or a marketing presentation of information resources. As such, while applicative knowledge about information resour...

John P.L. Roberts, the CBC/Radio Canada, and Art Music

This book examines the impact of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Société Radio Canada (CBC/SRC) on the development of art music in Canada during the broadcaster’s first fifty years (1936-1986). In so doing, it investigates the achievement of one man: John Peter Lee Roberts. Born in Australia, he arrived in Canada in 1955, and...
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