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Library and Information Science

The Cambridge Scholars Publishing collection of Library and Information Science titles encompasses research that reflects the breadth of the discipline. Incorporating scholarly books on information resources management, library and information sciences, as well as specialised encyclopaedic volumes, this collection is a niche but integral part of our publishing portfolio.

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How Interculturally Competent am I? An Introductory Thesis Writing Course for International Students

This textbook aims to help students to develop thesis-writing skills through experiential learning by conducting a research project based on a diary study, and reporting on it in a mini-thesis. It was developed for the benefit of international students who, in their penultimate year of undergraduate study, are planning to write a g...

Internet Survey Methodology

This book provides the understandings needed for researchers to develop scientifically validated internet survey methods.Except by chance, inaccurate data will provide results that have little or no validity or reliability. ‘Garbage In Garbage Out’ (GIGO) is a term commonly used in the computer industry to remind us that, if the da...

Multilingual Processing in Eastern and Southern EU Languages

This volume draws attention to many specific challenges of multilingual processing within the European Union, especially after the recent successive enlargement. Most of the languages considered herein are not only ‘less resourced’ in terms of processing tools and training data, but also have features which are different from the w...

Muses and Measures

This is a textbook that has been needed for decades. It should be required reading for every student (and professor) in literary studies and, for that matter, in any humanistic discipline. Humanistic methods of inquiry certainly have their place, but all too often humanistic scholars present entire theories and have no idea how to ...
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