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Library and Information Science

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The Measure of Time in the Appraisal of Social Reality

Coming on the eve of the Indian elections of 2009, The Measure of Time in the Appraisal of Social Reality is a timely and an explosive expose of what went wrong in Indian developmental planning. Focussing on the land, caste and gender issues, and advocating a place-time-people based research agenda, the Measure of Time is a scathin...

Understanding Physiotherapy Research

Understanding Physiotherapy Research by Littlewood and May is an introductory level text that aims to be accessible and understandable to all physiotherapists who appreciate the need to integrate research evidence into their practice.The requirement for physiotherapists to engage with evidence-based practice has never been more app...

Video Vision

In recent years, the use of video has soared spurring debate about the body-camera-environment connection and other concepts a social scientist considering this research tool will face. In this volume we zoom in on ethics, methodology, and analysis, while also zooming out on a wider praxis. The time is here to collectively identify...


Voices: Postgraduate Perspectives on Inter-disciplinarity was created out of a compilation of papers presented at the University of Aberdeen’s annual College of arts and Social Sciences Postgraduate Conference, more widely known as Moving Forward. This conference reached its sixth year in 2009. Both the conference and proposed coll...

Weaving Words

Weaving Words raises important questions about the impact of 21st century practices of education upon human creativity and joy in making meaning through writing. It questions how writing is experienced and valued as a process and product of research; as a means for personal and professional learning; and how it is taught and experi...

Why Unitary Social Science?

Why Unitary Social Science? pleads for a comprehensive appraisal of social reality. Tracing the visionary and transformative paths of reality from the subjective to the objective points of view, Mukherjee argues that it is precisely the division of social science into discrete compartments as disciplines that thwarts the emergence ...

Emerging Critical Scholarship in Education

The doctoral journey is fraught with stops and starts, crossroads and blind alleys, surprises and epiphanies. All successful doctoral students navigate a pathway through these events to reach their final destination. Navigating the Doctoral Journey explores examples of these routes in ways that both honour individual stories and hi...

Knowledge in Action

University-Community engagement is an important part of a nation’s social and economic development. An increasing focus on how knowledge is exchanged has encouraged many universities to consider their relationship and engagement with local communities. More than ever, universities are developing strategies for engaging with busines...

Democracy in the Workplace and at Home

This book takes a unique look at democracy and how foundational concepts of democracy like freedom, liberty and justice play an important role in everyday lives and work and home environments. More importantly, the book looks at how lived environments that lack these concepts can negatively impact health and well-being.The book ide...

Research Methodology - Contemporary Practices

New researchers, whether on the academic or corporate level, confront challenges when pursuing any kind of research project due to a lack of proper knowledge in the field of research methodology. In general, the challenges evolve from starting a research project, choosing a niche topic, selecting appropriate tools and techniques, o...

CoMa 2013

This book presents the proceedings of the “CoMa 2013: Safeguarding Image Collections” international conference held in Brussels, on 31 October 2013, and offers the reader not only a wide variety of subjects relating to the preservation of image collections, but also an overview of the different professions and practices involved in...

Income Justice in Ukraine

This book presents the results of an empirical study of distributive justice attitudes in the post-Soviet, transforming society of Ukraine. The focus of this study is on the mechanisms of the formation of justice attitudes, which are explained within the methodological framework of analytical sociology.Two perspectives of research ...
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