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Library and Information Science

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Health Outcomes and the Pakistani Population

This book examines dietary habits and physical activity among older people in Mirpur, Pakistan, through an exploration of changes in diet over time, and investigates the cultural enablers and barriers to the participation of older people in physical activity....

Beyond Public Engagement

University collections have unquestionably played a central role in the production of knowledge. They are valuable resources for studying the construction of traditions and identities, proving particularly interesting for understanding how universities have shaped societies. Furthermore, they have also been mobilised as cultural me...

Doctoral Education in Architecture

The importance of innovation and technology today brings with it a need for change in the definition of doctoral education, in the training of researchers, doctoral research itself, and in the dissemination areas targeted by doctoral theses. In Europe, doctoral education is the focus of wide-ranging reform in order to achieve coher...

Learning Progressions for Maps, Geospatial Technology, and Spatial Thinking

As an approach to educational research, learning progressions offer considerable potential for investigating how children develop an understanding of geographic concepts and practices across grade bands and in relation to national geography standards. With funding support from the US National Science Foundation, this book was creat...


This book invites readers to immerse themselves in the fantastic journey of written text to the screen. It is divided into two parts, the first of which broadly focuses on cinematic adaptations based on Indian literary texts. The second section explores the adaptations of literary works from other countries.In the world of Indian c...

"In Search of …"

This collection of fifteen methodological texts by a group of thirty international youth and social researchers is a polyphony of scholarly voices advancing the field of qualitative inquiry in youth studies. The book homes in on ways of adapting, remixing and reconsidering qualitative methods in order to better serve youth research...

Mining Author Cocitation Data with SAS Enterprise Guide

Author cocitation analysis (ACA) is a subfield of informetrics, which is a broader term referring to the quantitative study of retrieval and processing bibliometric data collected from all types of communication media, including journals, books, and conference proceedings. While ACA is one of the few research methodologies that tra...

Historical Bibliography as an Essential Source for Historiography

This volume brings together papers presented at the Fifth International Conference of the European Historical Bibliographies Project, held in Prague on November 7 - 8, 2013, under the auspices of the Department of Historical Bibliography of the Institute of History of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic. The conference att...

Scalable Video Streaming with Fountain Codes

The area of video streaming has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to the enhanced processing power, better compression algorithms, and increased bandwidths in emerging networks. Most of the latest communication standards are IP based, whereas the Internet provides only a best-effort service model and the priority-based ser...

Redesigning Worldwide Connections

In the next twenty years, the convergence of robotics, informatics, nano-bio-technologies, genetics, information technologies, and cognitive sciences will have a significant impact on society. This convergence will lead to a revolution in the way that science, health, energy, resources, production, consumption and environment are c...

The Feral Piers

What do we mean when we talk about the text of Piers Plowman? What is the concept of a literary text when that construct exists in so many variant and feral forms, as is the case for the multiple modern editorial reconstructions and the more than fifty surviving manuscripts and early print editions of Piers Plowman? How do the anon...

Julian Among the Books

Julian among the Books: Julian of Norwich’s Theological Library brings together innovative research on aspects of the Showing of Love, especially the Pan-European background of its manuscripts, and their contexts, arguing for the concept of ‘Holy Conversations’ in a mise en abyme, where her readers, breaking the frame, participate ...
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