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Library and Information Science

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Changing Values, Attitudes and Behaviours in Ireland

The European Social Survey (the ESS) is an academically-driven social survey designed to chart and explain the interaction between Europe’s changing institutions and the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns of its diverse populations. Established in 2001, and currently preparing for its seventh round, this biennial cross-secti...

The Notion of Syllable Across History, Theories and Analysis

Any notion linguistically expressed, even one such as the syllable, is always the result of several different viewpoints. In order to take this into account, this book draws inspiration from the scheme of quaternion, as conceived by Sir William Rowan Hamilton and later introduced in theoretical linguistics by Ferdinand de Saussure....

Directory of Scholarly Journals in Turkey

Scholarly journals are the capillaries of the scientific world, ensuring the circulation of knowledge. Moreover, scholarly journals guide and indicate the scientific development in an academic field of study or in a country. Scholarly journals, which transfer and spread scientific information, are intended to properly fulfill their...

A Multilingual Dictionary of Maxims and Proverbs

This collection contains 300 Greek maxims and proverbs accompanied by their counterparts in eight European languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, and Russian. The introduction relates the history, the origin, and the importance of proverbs; it also includes a short chapter on the use of proverbs in En...

Doing Academic Research

Written in simple and straightforward language, this book will prove useful in reducing the stress that undergraduate students feel when conducting research and embarking on scientific writing. It contains several essential aspects of general research methodology, and simplifies important concepts and procedures that students need ...

Golda Meir's Foreign Decision-Making Process

This book focuses on the analysis of Golda Meir’s foreign decision making processes during her tenure as Prime Minister (1970-1973), offering three unique case studies. It exposes the political-diplomatic aspects of foreign policy, using interviews and analysis of hundreds of formerly secret documents from various national archives...

Systems Thinking in Medicine and New Drug Discovery

Total Quality Management (TQM) and systems thinking are being used to improve all aspects of human health. This first book in a two-volume set details how the healthcare community is working with patients and their caregivers to improve healthcare and reduce its costs. Systems-based thinking encourages us to work together to look a...

Systems Thinking in Medicine and New Drug Discovery

This second book in a two-volume set tells how the healthcare community is working with patients and their caregivers to help improve health using P4 medicine, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The healthcare community is finding ways to predict one’s susceptibility to diseases, so they can be prevented from occurring, when...

Proceedings of the 9th ProLISSA Conference

Countries in the African continent are implementing strategies to overcome developmental and societal challenges to remain competitive in the new global knowledge-based economy. Libraries and archives can play an important role in this process through provision of information. Information in modern society is valued as an essential...

Traditions and Innovations in Contemporary Tourism

This book presents significant theoretical and empirical studies of various aspects of hospitality and tourism from the perspectives of both tradition and innovation. With thirty-nine contributors from Bulgaria, Croatia, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, and the USA, it offers a collection of recent regiona...

Plunging into Turmoil in the Aftermath of Crisis

The 2008 economic and financial crisis marked the beginning of a period of social transformation and uncertainty that continues to characterise present and future social development in unplanned and unexpected ways, with frequently harmful effects. It has highlighted the need for a deeper understanding of crises phenomena and how t...

You Are Your Decisions

There are basically two categories of books on decision-making. One tells stories of how intuition guides decision-making. The other delineates a formal approach, based on decision-trees or matrices, often impenetrable to real-life decision makers. This book combines the best elements of both perspectives in a way that can be easil...
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