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Macroeconomic and Monetary Economics

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Advances in Monetary Policy Design

In response to the recent financial crisis, many countries have initiated monetary stimulus packages. Maintaining proper measures of monetary aggregates is of particular importance for such economic policies. However, many central banks worldwide use the simple-sum monetary indexes, which ignore the liquidity characteristics of fin...

Consequences of the European Monetary Integration on Financial Systems

The volume consists of twelve chapters that represent updated and revised versions of papers presented at the 11th International Conference on Finance and Banking which took place at Silesian University - School of Business Administration in Karviná, Czech Republic on 17 – 18 October 2007. The chapters are arranged in three themati...

Tourism Economics

This book examines tourism economics in detail, providing a range of specific case studies of tourism operations in various countries across the world. The contributors to this volume are from diverse locations, with ten countries across four continents represented, namely Canada, China, Greece, India, Iran, Poland, Portugal, South...

The European Union and the Challenges of the New Global Context

This book investigates the new challenges confronted by the EU as an international actor within the context of recent economic and political developments, with particular attention to common foreign and security policies; the appraisal of development-aid policies; EU sanctions in the post-Soviet space, as harder instruments complem...

Factors of EU Economic Growth

This book will appeal to scholars and policymakers who deal with and/or are conducting research on the factors of economic growth. At present, there is no unified growth model that is feasible for every investigation. As such, this volume offers key insights into the factors that are most relevant in explaining growth variation at ...

Economic Growth

Today, the average person in the world lives a more comfortable life compared to the richest people in the last century and, in fact, their life is more comfortable than even the kings of the previous centuries. We owe this situation first and foremost to the high growth rates that gained momentum after the industrial revolution. A...

Economic Strategies in Times of Crises

This book is the result of the selection and processing of the ideas underlying historical events. All conflicts are carefully prepared and nobody goes to battle without a well-defined strategy. So-called spontaneous events are planned years before, and nothing is left to chance. Everything is amplified according to a logic which i...

Selected Issues on Current International Economics and Macroeconomics

This collection of essays provides a readable, non-technical publication which offers a comprehensive presentation of international economics and macroeconomics issues, trends, data, and likely developments. Readers will learn about Industry 4.0, immigration, productivity and monetary policy, among other pressing topics....

The Stock Market Boom and Crash of 1929 Was Not a Bubble

In the aftermath of the stock market crash of 1929, Yale University Economics Professor Irving Fisher remained steadfast in his view that the boom in prices had been warranted, pointing to the myriad innovations of the 1920s, including the introduction of the electric unit drive and utility-supplied power. Dismissed by most, this v...