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Materials Science

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Fundamental Constants

The book is devoted to one of the important areas of theoretical and experimental physics—the calculation of the accuracy of measurements of fundamental physical constants. To achieve this goal, numerous methods and criteria have been proposed. However, all of them are focused on identifying a posteriori uncertainty caused by the i...

Structure and Properties of Wood-Polymer Composites (WPC)

At present, the use of polymer composites filled with wood (WPC) is becoming increasingly popular. In particular, flooring of terraced premises, siding, decorative fences, fence systems, steps, universal profiles, among others are made from WPC. In 1977, the first enterprise for the production of WPC appeared in Sweden. The first e...

Finishing of Conical Gears by Pulsed Electrochemical Honing

This book sheds light on the development of Pulsed-Electrochemical Honing (PECH), a unique hybrid finishing process, which has capabilities of finishing intricate shaped components (especially gears). The text covers the fundamentals of the process, and details all parameters of PECH in the finishing of straight bevel gears. It dis...

Recent Topics in Advanced Materials Science

The range of materials science is very vast, and its development is proportionally rapid. This book picks up and explains various topics of materials science using figures and chemical formulae for readers who have a knowledge of chemistry at the undergraduate level. In order to view the progress of materials science, the book is d...