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Global Climate Change, Environment and Energy

Global climate change is the result of the combination of natural climate change and man-made climate change that, directly or indirectly, damages global atmosphere components observed over a comparable time period. It has both a direct and an indirect impact on the earth. Despite its overwhelmingly negative connotations, it also b...

The Propagation of Ultrasonic Waves in Gas-containing Suspensions

This book presents the results of research in the field of automated systems for the monitoring and control of technological processes of mining production. It offers the first mathematical description of Lamb waves’ propagation processes on surfaces in contact with randomly heterogeneous media (gas-containing suspensions). It is a...

Viscous Flow Environments in Oceans and Inland Waters

This text targets advanced undergraduate students, graduate students and practicing aquatic scientists who seek to understand effects of flow on aquatic processes but have had little prior exposure to fluid dynamics. It provides a self-contained introduction to flows at small scales within oceans and fresh waters in ubiquitous sett...

Critique of Constructal Theory

Constructal theory has been extensively used to analyze and optimize many different shapes and structures in both living and non-living systems. It is generally considered to be a law that could govern the evolutions of shapes and structures in biology, physics, technology, and social organization. Accordingly, it seems that the co...

Infrasound Propagation in an Anisotropic Fluctuating Atmosphere

This book presents the theory and results of experimental studies of the propagation of infrasound waves in a real atmosphere with its inherent fine-scale layered structure of wind speed and temperature. It is motivated by the fact that the statistical characteristics of anisotropic (or layered) fluctuations of meteorological field...