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Medical History

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"Attached Files"

“Attached Files” is a selection of lectures and papers written by Imre Lázár, a medical anthropologist with twenty-five years of experience, situated at the crossroads and frontiers of several disciplines, including anthropology, health sciences, religious studies, human ecology, and environmental ethics. The shared focus, connecti...

The Proceedings of the 20th Anniversary History of Medicine Days Conference 2011

This volume is the third in a peer-reviewed series of Proceedings Volumes from the Calgary History of Medicine Days conferences, produced by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The History of Medicine Days is a two day, national conference held annually at the University of Calgary, Canada, where undergraduate and early graduate student...

The Late Middle English Version of Constantinus Africanus’ Venerabilis Anatomia in London, Wellcome Library, MS 290 (ff. 1r-41v)

Constantinus Africanus (c. 1015–1087), likely born in modern Tunis or Sicily, was responsible for the translation of Arabic medical texts into Latin, which constituted a substantial contribution to contemporary knowledge in fields such as anatomy and surgery, among others. Consequently, he was an extremely influential and much-cite...

Glimpsing Modernity

Glimpsing Modernity is a collection of papers presented at the US Army Medical Museum-sponsored conference on medical aspects of the First World War held in San Antonio, Texas, in February 2012. It captures the metamorphosis of military medicine during the war in a series of inter-related vignettes. Some of these stories provide ne...

Medical Humanities in Theory and Practice

This volume explores the social, historical and cultural dimensions of medicine, and promotes a multifaceted approach towards health, illness, healthcare and body. The articles gathered here focus on various issues relevant to medical knowledge, public health policies, and the experiences of being ill and of caring for those who ar...

Science, Public Health and Nation-Building in Soekarno-Era Indonesia

In 1949, the newly-independent Indonesia inherited a health system that was devastated by three-and-a-half years of Japanese occupation and four years of revolutionary struggle against the Dutch. Additionally, the country had to cope with the resurgence of epidemic and endemic diseases. The Ministry of Health had initiated a number...

A Companion to the English Version of J. Liébault's Treatise on the Diseases of Women

Jean Liébault (1535–1596), a doctor of medicine and an agronomist born in Dijon, contributed to the emergence of modern gynaecology by rescuing the Hippocratic medical tradition that recognized the specificity of the female body. His main work, a comprehensive treatise devoted to describing and treating the diseases of women, was h...

The Proceedings of the 22nd Annual History of Medicine Days Conference 2013

The Proceedings of the Calgary History of Medicine Days represent a series of volumes in the history of medicine and healthcare that publishes the work of young and emerging researchers in the field, hence providing a unique publishing format. The annual Calgary History of Medicine Days Conference, established in 1991, brings toget...

The Medical Pioneers of Nineteenth Century Lancaster

Modern medicine in England as we know it today is chiefly the product of the scientific developments of the nineteenth century. These advances included improved sanitation, the acceptance of the germ theory of disease as a result of the emergence of microbiology, and the advent of painless and routine surgical procedures. How then ...

Medicine and Colonial Engagements in India and Sub-Saharan Africa

This volume examines the various modalities of imperial engagements with the colonized peoples in the former British colonies of India and in sub-Saharan Africa. Articulated through race, gender and medicine, these modalities also became colonial sites of desire addressing colonial anxieties ensuing from concerted engagements. Focu...

Connecting Worlds

This book establishes a dialogue between colonial studies and the history of science, contributing to a renewed analytical framework grounded on a trans-national, trans-cultural and trans-imperial perspective. It proposes a historiographical revision based on self-organization and cooperation theories, as well as the role of tradit...

The Early Modern English Version of Elizabeth Jacob’s Physicall and Chyrurgical Receipts

This book offers a semi-diplomatic transcription of Elizabeth Jacob’s Physicall and chyrurgicall receipts (MS Wellcome 3009 (ff. 17r-90r)), an Early Modern English remedy-book housed in the Wellcome Library, London, and hitherto unedited. The edition is accompanied by a linguistic analysis of the text, together with a palaeographic...
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