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Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s edited collections and monographs present leading research in medicine across key topics, including the history of medicine, medical ethics, and clinical practice and surgery. Combined, this diverse collection of books will be of interest to healthcare professionals and medical students, as well as researchers in the humanities. 

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Nutrition and Disease

Nutrition is an essential part of life. It affects our health and can be applied in the prevention and treatment of disease. Substantial interventions in dietary intake and lifestyle changes have been demonstrated to cause significant decrease in disease risk in in the general population and also in patients suffering from various ...

The Art of Removing the Tumour

This book is a one-of-a-kind resource bringing together a number of illustrations of surgical anatomy, particularly focused on radical prostatectomy interventions in the treatment of prostate cancer. Providing tips and insights into each operative step, it offers a clear overview of the surgically relevant landmarks, structures, fa...

The Ultrastructure of Pathogenic Bacteria under Different Ecological Conditions

Today, the problem of bacteria variability occupies one of the key positions in microbiology. Particular attention is paid to the need to expand research to determine the variability of bacteria under natural habitats. There is still no solid information about the morphological variability of bacteria and its essence. This book is ...

Aviation Psychology

Human mechanical adaptability has become one of the most important elements in humans’ relationship with aviation and flying. It often manifests in physical and mental strain, and is seen as one of the most important variables in flight. After the Germanwings accident of 2015, the place and importance of psychology in aviation have...

The Biology of Human Behavior

Why do human beings behave the way they do? What governs how they act out their daily lives? It is not difficult to provide the traditional argument that it’s largely a matter of the culture in which we live, a product of the influences of family, peers, teachers, religious leaders, the movies we see, the books we read, and so fort...

Creativity, a Profile for Our Species

This volume presents a number of profound reflections on the brain and mind, their evolution and cultural dependence as expressed in oscillating trends between creativity and domestication, and their impact on our collective future. It contains a critical history of the search for the correlation between the brain and the mind, and...

Medical Heritage of the National Palace of Mafra

Very little has been written on the unique historical medical heritage of the National Palace of Mafra in Portugal, which celebrated its new status as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2019. This book brings together a set of innovative studies which consider the importance of this unique collection of medical texts and items of mate...

Atlas of Neurometabolic Disorders

Neurometabolic disorders are hereditary diseases of which neurological manifestations are a prominent sign. Because some neurometabolic diseases are treatable, early detection and early intervention in patients are essential. Children without early diagnosis and treatment suffer recurrent episodes of lethargy and loss of consciousn...

Challenges and Solutions of Oncological Hyperthermia

The next generation of oncological hyperthermia involves the medical innovation of selectively heating up the malignant cells of the body in a controlled way. The easily-distinguishable biophysical and physiological characteristics of cancer cells and their immediate environment are the focus of the targeted energy delivery of this...

The Broader View of Suicide

Suicide is a leading cause of death globally and the second biggest cause of death in young people. Over 800,000 people commit suicide annually. While many approaches to suicide prevention have been proposed, the only ones to show even limited success are those at the grassroots level; involving everyone, from parents to teachers, ...

A Neoclassical Realist Approach to Turkey under JDP Rule

This book addresses the shift in Turkish foreign policy in the post-Cold War era from a neoclassical realist point of view. In its analysis of Turkey’s pursuit of ‘an activist grand strategy’, it focuses on the interplay between international and domestic factors. It puts forth its argument through analysis of Turkey’s bilateral re...

Good Science, Strong Bones, and the Case for Supporting Discovery

This book opens the door to the frequently obscure world of scientific discovery, not just to document discoveries, but also to explain how these discoveries come about. As an example, it tells, in an accessible way, the exciting story of the important discovery of a protein called RANKL, which led to the development of a drug ther...
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