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Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s edited collections and monographs present leading research in medicine across key topics, including the history of medicine, medical ethics, and clinical practice and surgery. Combined, this diverse collection of books will be of interest to healthcare professionals and medical students, as well as researchers in the humanities. 

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An Introduction to Nutritional Medicine

This book imagines a meeting between Charles Darwin and Hippocrates, the ancient Greek father of medicine, supposing that any dialogue between these two great thinkers should be quite sensational. It presents a short dialogue at the start of each chapter to act as an introduction to the topic discussed. With the help of Darwin and ...

Biochemical Thermodynamics

This book is dedicated to studying the thermodynamic bases of the structure-function relationship of proteins. It moves from the elementary principles of physical chemistry to the most current topics of biochemistry, including those that may be subject to some controversy. It considers thermodynamic properties related to the stabil...

Essential Comparative Anatomy

This volume is inspired by the traditions of the oldest biology department in Russia, named after the academician E.N. Pavlovsky, which recently turned 210 years old. Comparative anatomy has been taught at the department since the time of K. Baer, who discovered the mammalian egg and introduced the teaching of comparative anatomy a...

Biochemical Changes during the Human Lifespan

Throughout life, human beings undergo several hormonal changes responsible for growth and maturation. These alterations in hormone secretion include enhanced or decreased production, the latter of which is mainly observed during aging. These processes are intrinsic to human development, but may vary from individual to individual. T...

Diabetic Foot Management at the Primary Care Level

Diabetic foot complications are serious, common and often difficult to manage adequately. This book provides a concise, clinically focused approach to the diagnosis and management of the diabetic foot at the primary care level. It is specifically designed to highlight prevention, diagnosis, managing at-risk feet, controlling risk f...

Food Safety, from Farm to Fork

Globally, there are many safety concerns emanating from the consumption of food, and are categorized as physical, biological and chemical hazards. This volume explores a number of safety issues pertaining to foods consumed across the globe today. It represents a useful resource for researchers, food handlers and legislative bodies ...

Innovations in Health Sciences

This book provides essential information on a wide range of important issues in health sciences relating to child development, nutrition and dietetics, nursing, midwifery, and general health services. It also examines some issues and concerns in health management, including organizational trust in health care; artificial intelligen...

Psychotherapy in Pain Management

Within the current opiate crisis, this book provides a timely, comprehensive guide for psychological treatment with chronic pain patients. It is written for academic and practicing psychological professionals, in addition to graduate students, neuroscientists, and neuropsychologists. It provides an explanation of neurophysiological...

Realising Health

This book examines the history of the Pioneer Health Centre in Peckham, South London, and the various offshoots to which it gave rise. A world-renowned experiment in health-creation, it was nevertheless forced to close in 1950; but its example and ideas have continued to inspire doctors, public health workers and community-builders...

The Success Rates and Limits of Reproductive Medicine

Today, more and more couples are leaving having children until later. However, many do not realise that “later” can also mean “too late”, because, the older we get, the harder it becomes. An increasing number of people trust in the success of artificial fertilisation, but, even though reproductive medicine is constantly making prog...

University Curriculum Transformations in Context

Globally, education systems and schools seek to strengthen their competitive positioning through curriculum policy transformations. These take place as a result of ideological shifts and policy flows, as well as networks between global and local levels, leading to radical changes in curricula.Australia is no exception to this gener...

Concepts and Misconceptions of Drug Targeting

Precision medicine requires precision drugs that match the needs of individual patients. An ideal drug, popularly referred to as the “magic bullet”, should be effective without causing any unwanted side effects. To do this, drugs must act solely on the target of the disease. Despite major efforts in this area over some 50 years, th...
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