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Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s edited collections and monographs present leading research in medicine across key topics, including the history of medicine, medical ethics, and clinical practice and surgery. Combined, this diverse collection of books will be of interest to healthcare professionals and medical students, as well as researchers in the humanities. 

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The Legacy of William Carlos Williams

The essays in The Legacy of William Carlos Williams collectively examine the reasons for Williams’s continued importance to the work of a diverse range of American poets, and to the development of distinct branches of poetics throughout the twentieth century and beyond. As well as contextualising Williams’s relationship to emergent...

The Medical Response to the Trench Diseases in World War One

This book focuses on the trench diseases—trench fever, trench nephritis and trench foot—and examines how doctors responded to them in the context of the Great War. It details the problems that they faced in tackling these conditions, “new” to military warfare.After an introduction to the subject, the second chapter sketches the soc...

The Proceedings of the 18th Annual History of Medicine Days Conference 2009

This volume is the first one in a peer-reviewed series of Proceedings Volumes from the Calgary History of Medicine Days conferences, which are now produced with Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The History of Medicine Days are two-day Nation-wide conferences held annually in spring at the University of Calgary (Canada), where undergr...

The Proceedings of the 19th Annual History of Medicine Days Conference 2010

This volume is the second in a peer-reviewed series of Proceedings Volumes from the Calgary History of Medicine Days conferences, produced by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The History of Medicine Days is a two day, national conference held annually at the University of Calgary, Canada, where undergraduate and early graduate studen...

The Secret History of the Soul

What would Christianity be like without the soul? While most people would expect the Christian bible to reveal a highly traditional opposition of matter and spirit, the spirit forces of the Old and New Testaments are often surprisingly physical, dynamic, and practical, a matter of energy as much as ethics. The Secret History of the...

Transacting Sites of the Liminal Bodily Spaces

This book focuses on liminal bodies and their delicate transaction with themselves and other people’s bodies. More specifically, it explores the spatiality and discourses of the body dying; the body opened in surgery, or through MRIs, CATs, and sometimes in autopsies; the body preserved through computerized images such as those cre...

Transnational Psychiatries

This book offers something new in the history of psychiatry. Within a transnational research framework, it presents original historical case studies and conceptual reflections on comparative and related methodologies. Systematic comparison and transfer studies as well as aspects of entangled history are employed in relation to them...
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Travellers and Showpeople

The late-twentieth century has witnessed a particular prominence assigned to the discourses of “difference” and “Otherness”. An examination of this “othering” discourse as related to Travellers, Gypsies and Showpeople ennumerates the projective function of the “Othering” process, a form of rejection and marginalisation that is the ...

Vascular Function and Structure in the Rat Aorta

One of the inevitable consequences of ageing is the progressive widening of pulse pressure resulting from stiffening of large arteries. While a large body of literature has been devoted to understanding blood pressure, a parameter proven to be predictive of cardiovascular health, very few books are devoted to explaining arterial st...

Women, Gender and Disease in Eighteenth-Century England and France

Based on encyclopedias, medical journals, historical, and literary sources, this collection of interdisciplinary essays focuses on the intersection of women, gender, and disease in England and France. Diverse critical perspectives highlight contributions women made to the scientific and medical communities of the eighteenth century...

Addiction and Performance

Addiction and Performance is a collection of essays offering a multidisciplinary exploration of the intertwined relationships between addiction, culture and performance. The problem of addiction is multifaceted, but existing approaches to it often emerge from the frameworks of single disciplines, foregrounding therapeutic or perhap...

Health, Communication and Multicultural Communities

Communicating in multicultural settings is a field of central interest to those involved in ensuring access to healthcare. Ever-increasing migration requires access to essential legal, medical and social services. This book provides an overview of current issues in this field through a multi-faceted approach, situating the work of ...
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