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Meet our Authors: Andrea Vicini – September 2017

Dr Andrea Vicini is currently a manager in an industrial company, and has developed relevant professional experience working in international and domestic companies, internal auditing, compliance, risk management and finance control. He is also a member of professional organisations focused on the study of economic and policy questions, such as the Economist Intelligence Unit.

He holds a Master’s in Business Administration and is a member of the Italian Association of Internal Auditors, where he participates in meetings, seminars, and debates on economic and managerial questions, including the development of innovative new technology and start-ups.

In 2015, he obtained a PhD in Economics from the Swiss Management Centre University, where he developed a research project about technology, innovations and employment. He is currently an editorial board member of the International Journal of Energy, Environment and Economics.

Under Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Andrea has authored Technological Innovation and the Effect of the Employment on the EU Countries, in which he challenges the old paradigm of ‘innovation means unemployment’, which has dominated the economic debate for centuries.

Andrea explains why he chose to publish a controversial book concerning technological innovation and employment with Cambridge Scholars:

When I was exploring possible publishers for my book proposal, it was especially important that the publisher could demonstrate that they were of a high calibre. Over the last twenty years, due to the diffusion of the internet, there has been an exponential growth in the flow of information available to everyone. However, there has been a corresponding decrease in the quality of knowledge, in relative terms. In the same vein, it is fundamental to have a publisher like Cambridge Scholars Publishing who have a high standard and reputation, who deeply care about the rigour of research and the quality of the book. This is particularly remarkable for authors who are not part of the dominant way of thinking, the so-called mainstream. As such, the publisher’s reputation was an excellent asset to transmitting thoughts and opinions into the global world. After the book was published, my professional contacts multiplied on a global scale, as did the requests I received to participate in research projects, study groups, and think tanks. What I appreciated from Cambridge Scholars Publishing was their professionalism and the attention they provided the author, their objectivity in evaluating the manuscript, and the high standard that they reserve for the author’s work, which is considered to be a scientific book and not a consumer product. All of the aspects described above are vectors of a target which is a genuine diffusion of knowledge.”

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