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Meet our Authors: Elisa Grimi – May 2016

Elisa Grimi, after receiving her PhD in Philosophy and Doctor Europaeus from Università degli Studi in Genoa, Italy, is currently a Post-doctoral fellow in philosophy at the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and Researcher at the Campostrini Foundation in Verona. She has studied and worked at various universities throughout the world, in countries including Austria, Germany, England, France and the United States.

Elisa is Executive Director of the European Society for Moral Philosophy, the editor-in-chief of the international journal Philosophical News and Project Manager of On 30th May, 2014, she received the Paolo Michele Erede Foundation First Prize with a work on ‘Politics and Network’.

She is the author of numerous publications, including her first Italian monograph G.E.M. Anscombe: The Dragon Lady (2014), the collected volume Tradition as the Future of Innovation (2015) and is co-author with Rémi Brague of Contro il cristianismo e l’umanismo. Il perdono dell’Occidente (2016).

Under Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Elisa has edited Tradition as the Future of Innovation, and she describes the approach to publishing as being “highly scientific and methodological”:

I have published 'Tradition as the Future of Innovation' with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, and my collaboration with this publishing house has been excellent. This philosophical book is the first of its kind on this theme, and the publishers have given it maximum visibility. Cambridge Scholars publish a lot of series specialising in different subject areas, and one is therefore provided with the opportunity to work with a publisher that continually produces new material across a wide range of topics, pertinent to one’s own area of research interest.

Working with them has been great, and they were very punctual in the editing and distribution processes. Any problems that presented themselves during the editing phase were resolved straight away and their attention to all the contributors who participated in the book was superb. I would recommend Cambridge Scholars to anyone who is looking for a highly scientific and methodological approach combined with editorial and distributional efficiency.

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